Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good News and Bad News

By the way, if you haven't caught on, I'm switching to short and (hopefully) moderately witty posts which STILL informs everyone about how my life is and yet not boring the brains outta them.

Good news is, I'll be getting that dream of a phone (Xperia X1 *sigh*) this Saturday morning with luck. I can't wait. With this little gadget, I'll be able talk to Ryan and everyone on Skype, with camera and speaker! This is gonna be one of THE most entertaining gadgets I've ever gotten. Though time can only tell if it'll be able to replace the big gaping hole my long lost iPod Touch left behind.

Bad news is, I have been rejected by the uniersity today. That means, if the appeal doesn't work, I'll have to take a year long break. No worries though, I'll probably look for a course that'll give me an extra A level in a year, and then sign up with a home tutoring company so I can get more students. I'm gonna change the world, one student at a time. (Yes, and I also believe that unicorns exist somewhere on earth. I can be optimistic can't I?) Also, not being in university this year means that I can go on a three month trip to Borneo to an orangutan sanctuary. And also get a dog. I will not get a dog until I can be sure I'll be free for at least a month. Because getting a dog, and then not helping it to adjust is just plain wrong.

In spite of all the plus points of not being in university however, my parents still want me to write an appeal. And that I will do reluctantly. Let's get into writing a CV mode so I can write a good one.

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