Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Emerald Isle

Like I said in deviantART, this photo contains the essence of my trip there. Why? Because it has be perfume (which I wore everywhere while I was there) and a card from my aunt (who was a huge part of my life in NI).

Tomorrow, I'll have left Northern Ireland for 9 months. Like I've mentioned before also, nine months ago I was so reluctant to leave, that I concentrated on the leaving and nothing else. I never really gave a thought about what I would do when I was in Singapore. It was the immediate future. I didn't think about what I would be doing now. At this point in time.

Few things that have changed. For one thing, I kinda took for granted that I'd still be with my other half. Now I'm single. Have been for quite a while now, can't be bothered counting months.

Another thing, I realised that I can feel really good in one day, then really crap the next day. But I'm working on it. I'm working on feeling fulfilled as a person and as a whole instead of being part of a whole.

I have become more selfish. I used to do lots of things for people and be devastated for them. And then I met Greg. Who claims to have a heart made of stone but is really a softie. Anyway, he basically told me I need to harden up and think for myself sometimes. Because while going all out for people is good, it's only good sometimes. So yes, I've become more selfish in the sense that...I won't really talk to you much if you don't talk to me. If you want me you'll have to call/text me. I mean, my number is on your phone right? No excuse there.

There's so much to say but no one really reads this do they? Bottom line is, I still cry whenever I think about my friends and family in NI. That's how much I love and miss them.

I love my family and friends here too. I put aside a day (Saturday) for them even though it might cost me job prospects. That's how much I love them.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gaga Over Gaga

I am not one to conform to pop culture. Especially not to Lady Gaga who I thought was a one-hit wonder.

After I watched her on Youtube though, damn, she's good. I really admire her for being her own weird self. While I might not enjoy the weird ballet slippers she had in Bad Romance, or the ridiculous costumes she had in Telephone, it is refreshing to see someone dare to be different. It's like releasing her inner self.

Right, I'm not telling anyone to start dressing up like Gaga what with her n**ple tape as clothes (that was ridiculous) and cigarette hat thing in Telephone. But tis good to see someone being themselves for a change. Saw her interview on the Jonathan Ross show and she's mad as a hatter but damn she's a great performer.

Just watch her live performance. I'm sure it's floating on Youtube somewhere cos I saw it. Her emotions poured into the performance were surreal. (it was 'Speechless' she performed. I nearly cried.)

Bad Romance has been stuck in my head all day. Most of the parts were spectacular but those few seconds at the end freaked me out D:


Time for Children Of Bodom. Their videos are disturbing too but what the heck! They have brilliant hair and they help me dissipate my anger.

Did research today and heavy metal is not bad for your brain. It also does not influence their listeners to take drugs, nor does it induce violent behaviour. In fact, it helps to dissipate anger and negative feelings in the listeners. This is especially true if the listeners have a lower self esteem. Also, listeners have quite a high intelligence level. (Disclaimer: this will only be effective if you actually like heavy metal.)

Look at me go on! Better go off now. ^^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Emo Me!

Maybe I'll look good as an emo...

I shall have blue hair!

Monday, March 15, 2010

300 Fan Girl

Ooooh I watched 300 for the first time today. Immediately after I watched it I want to watch it again!! Definitely going to get the DVD. It's worth it.

The scar on the eye really adds a nice touch. :) Apparently most of the movie is computerised but it's so darn good! The sharpness is just amazing.

Soldiers: HOO-AH HOO-AH! HOO-AH!

Xerxes: I will make you the warlord of all Greece. You will have riches beyond your dreams...All I ask if that you kneel before me.
King Leonidas: This is an offer only a madman would refuse. But you see, while slaughtering your men, I have this...thing on my leg. So there will be a slight problem with the kneeling. (or words to that effect)

I lol-ed.

Persian Messenger: This is blasphemy! This is madness!
King Leonidas: Madness...?
King Leonidas: *shouts* THIS IS SPARTA! *epically kicks messenger into the well*
Me: YAAAAY! *cheers*

King Leonidas: Ready your breakfast and eat hearty...for tonight we dine in hell!

They have the best pecs I have ever seen on the big screen. Apparently they went into an intensive 8 week training and never did the same exercise twice.

Amazing stuff. I shall be shouting "THIS IS SPARTA!" for ages after this. :D

Nikon D5000!

Today has been quite an exciting day. The maid was hospitalized because of a sore in her esophagus or something, and so I volunteered to sweep and mop the whole house. Didn't sleep till 4am the night before because be the time it hit 1am, I knew I was gonna wake up feeling crap and I didn't want to wake up feeling crap. So...instead of trying to sleep as much as possible I tried to drag it out by not sleeping ><

After sweeping the whole house and mopping the stairs with a cloth, my dad found me a mop.

I then turned into a woman with a mission. Mission? To mop the floors with as dry a mop as possible so that the old folks won't slip and fall.

Mission accomplished by the way.

After that, I went to dye my hair back to black. Blue-black to be exact. Used the hair-dye Emma sent me. I must say, the coverage is excellent and the conditioner is phenomenal. (Ryan I know you read this so pass my thanks to her again) Loreal should totally just sell the hair colour conditioner on it's own.

However, I burnt my scalp really badly cos I used it even though they said "Do not use if your scalp is irritated". Well, I have been scratching at my scalp the pass few days (I do it when I'm bored) and my scalp was feeling rather sensitive. Once the hair dye touched my scalp I just went "It was a mistake!". After a minute or so of wondering if I should remove the dye, I quickly went to wash the dye off my scalp. All the while I was crying "It burrrns!!" in my head. The ammonia stung my eyes and my scalp. Ammonia is bad.

Right. So, because my roots are already black, I decided to just put the dye a few inches from my scalp. Dying long hair on your own is pretty tricky. I managed to destroy a towel.

My mom will not be happy about the towel when she finds out.

And I also managed to leave blue splotches in the bath.

Even though I did try to kill the cheeky wee things with big splotches of toilet cleaner.

Now I do have the blackest hair I've ever seen though.

Next time, I will get someone else to dye my hair for me. Cos it's just too hard doing it with long hair.

Then I met up with my family to go to the IT fair and bought my Nikon D5000!! I have yet to pay my mom the complete sum. But it shall be cleared in three months.
Isn't this just the most amazing thing you've ever seen? I shall try it out tomorrow. Maybe take pictures of the stocks with it tomorrow if I visit the outlets for work. Still pretty confused as to how it works, I am too used to the D1. But I shall study the manual intently. Should be a breeze. :)

That is all for today. Wasn't it quite an adventure?

Friday, March 12, 2010

How Odd...

Today is quite an odd day. Went to the Herbalife weight loss challenge. I lost 1.5kg in a week! That's good.

What's not good is that I came home to stuff myself cos I was bored and cos my mom bought da bao.

Walking home today was nice. My neighbour's dachshund followed me today. Then I made a fuss over him, doggy talking and whatnot. ("Who's the good boy?", "Yes! Yes! You're the best aren't ya?") So, I walked home and he was waiting a while away. I was waiting for someone to come to unlock the gate and was feeling lonely so I squatted down and patted my knee. Needless to say he came bounding over looking like the happiest dog in the world (awwwww).

I doggy talked some more ("Yes! That's my house! You're a good boy, you are!"). Then someone came to unlock the gate and his ears just perked right up. But I couldn't let him in! (cos he's the neighbour's dog remember?) So...I went in and he sat outside for a full 5 minutes staring at the door before leaving. :(

I feel soo bad! And whenever I went in to tell my mom and dad that he's there, my dad went mad and told me to smack him cos he was the one poo-ing on our grass. I'm not gonna smack a dog that's only ankle high!!!

But yea..that's all I wanted to say. Pointless post, but meh. It's my blog :P

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Creative Writing

"My death will also be your death," He proclaimed as he dashed towards his foe with his sword unleashed.

The fight was short, but brutal. After being stabbed in the liver by his foe, he took out his dagger and with his dying breath, carved out his foe's heart.

As his foe breathed his last, our hero unleashed a raw, primal cry of victory and collapsed like a lifeless doll onto the ground.

His mission is accomplished and he dies a peaceful death.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Freaky Dream

I had a really freaky dream the other day. It was just so scary at that time! Basically it started with me in a place with a commander, and there was a coffin in front of the door. The commander was saying how the Animorphs (people who can change into animals and things) are trying to invade this building and how we have to stop them. So it was night time and I had to go to search the whole house for them.

While the commander was talking though, he went to the coffin and opened it and talked. It was his grandma's body in it. When I asked why she's still here, he said "It was her wish to never be seperated from this house." Creepy right?

Anyway, I went to the staircase and started searching the rooms. As I searched, I realised that this house is just like my house! Only neater, emptier, and it has four levels. Walked all the way up and I started from the top. Didn't turn on the light (don't know why). But as I got to the second floor, (where my parents' room is) I felt a presence in the room... Suddenly! Bats started flying towards me. Surprisingly, I managed to catch nearly all of them mid-flight and tear them up Ozzy Osbourne style (ie with my bare hands) before they got out of the room.

Then walking Oreos started attacking me!! I had to crumble them up real quick too. But there were just so many! They were clinging to my arms and climbing up to my shoulders and I can't just sweep them away cos I have to kill them. I could feel the scratches from the Oreos and bats cos you know, they're tough. Somehow, they managed to get past me, then I ran down and my grandparents were there. I was yelling at them to GET OUT OF THE WAY!! DON'T TOUCH THE KOOKEYS!!

And I woke up.

I was scared of Oreos for a while after that. But my work provided the solution for me today. See, my boss bought Oreo cupcakes.
After eating it, I feel much less afraid of Oreos now.

Damn did that cupcake taste good. Revenge is indeed sweet. *wink*