Monday, March 15, 2010

Nikon D5000!

Today has been quite an exciting day. The maid was hospitalized because of a sore in her esophagus or something, and so I volunteered to sweep and mop the whole house. Didn't sleep till 4am the night before because be the time it hit 1am, I knew I was gonna wake up feeling crap and I didn't want to wake up feeling crap. So...instead of trying to sleep as much as possible I tried to drag it out by not sleeping ><

After sweeping the whole house and mopping the stairs with a cloth, my dad found me a mop.

I then turned into a woman with a mission. Mission? To mop the floors with as dry a mop as possible so that the old folks won't slip and fall.

Mission accomplished by the way.

After that, I went to dye my hair back to black. Blue-black to be exact. Used the hair-dye Emma sent me. I must say, the coverage is excellent and the conditioner is phenomenal. (Ryan I know you read this so pass my thanks to her again) Loreal should totally just sell the hair colour conditioner on it's own.

However, I burnt my scalp really badly cos I used it even though they said "Do not use if your scalp is irritated". Well, I have been scratching at my scalp the pass few days (I do it when I'm bored) and my scalp was feeling rather sensitive. Once the hair dye touched my scalp I just went "It was a mistake!". After a minute or so of wondering if I should remove the dye, I quickly went to wash the dye off my scalp. All the while I was crying "It burrrns!!" in my head. The ammonia stung my eyes and my scalp. Ammonia is bad.

Right. So, because my roots are already black, I decided to just put the dye a few inches from my scalp. Dying long hair on your own is pretty tricky. I managed to destroy a towel.

My mom will not be happy about the towel when she finds out.

And I also managed to leave blue splotches in the bath.

Even though I did try to kill the cheeky wee things with big splotches of toilet cleaner.

Now I do have the blackest hair I've ever seen though.

Next time, I will get someone else to dye my hair for me. Cos it's just too hard doing it with long hair.

Then I met up with my family to go to the IT fair and bought my Nikon D5000!! I have yet to pay my mom the complete sum. But it shall be cleared in three months.
Isn't this just the most amazing thing you've ever seen? I shall try it out tomorrow. Maybe take pictures of the stocks with it tomorrow if I visit the outlets for work. Still pretty confused as to how it works, I am too used to the D1. But I shall study the manual intently. Should be a breeze. :)

That is all for today. Wasn't it quite an adventure?

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