Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today was Delphian Rose's first gig in a long time and I was asked to help them photograph the event. It was a sorta band gathering, so it had a relaxed atmosphere and stuff. As great as the gig was, I found myself very distracted by the cute little fishies that were in the bar. So I took a couple of pictures.
Can you imagine just how much rock those goldfish have heard in their lifetime? I have no idea if they enjoy rock but I guess they haven't really got a choice. :P

I just love the way the tail looks so swishy in this picture :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mmmm Foood..

Last Sunday was my cousin's wedding day. It was a really nice wedding, great ambience, so romantic and all that. But one thing that really caught me was the dessert. It was baked chocolate pudding.

Now, I love chocolate as much as the other girl and after reading that on the menu I can't help but feel excited for dessert.
It didn't disappoint. The outside was crumbly and warm, and in the inside was this irresistably rich, thick chocolate sauce that just blows you away.

That day, was the first time I became speechless after I ate something. It was that good. I'm not kidding!!

Ahhhh, I've got my priorities right. Well done me.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Magic Hair!

Should I say it? I mean, it's a big thing to admit to...

I think....that I have magic hair.

It all started back in NI when Nanny's grandchild came to visit. He was a grown up and he already had three children, one of whom was a baby toddler. He kept wanting to be carried by me, in spite of all the other people surrounding him with open, loving arms. But nooo, he chose me instead. Stretching out his arms towards mee! The moment he got into my arms he grabbed onto my hair and started playing. See? Look at how my wonderful hair attracts people.

My magical hair can also work on animals. Eventually Auntie Heather got two Yorkshire terrier puppies. Everytime the jumped onto my lap, they'd go straight to my hair, chewing on it and whatnot. They were tiny! And soo adorable.

Then came my guinea pigs. I realised that with both Toffee and Sweetpea, they love running towards my hair the moment they notice my hair is untied and they'd bury their heads in it. Cuteness is unbearable. Just an hour ago, during cuddle time with Sweetpea, she kept running towards he hair on my chest and putting her head in it. She likes to sleep lying on her side. Toffee, she would sit on my tummy and run up toward the hair on my shoulders, and sometimes even go to the back of my neck. She's an adventurous one ^^

Ahhh. Having magic hair is a large responsibility indeed :P

Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Meal of Happiness

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with my mom, and at the "Bakery needs" aisle, (seriously? Bakery needs? I guess flour is pretty essential in baking. But still..) I found a bottle of hundreds and thousands. When I was really young, like 5, my mom used to put hundreds and thousands into my bread just to make me eat it.

My mom bought it!!!

And this morning I had hundreds and thousands on bread and butter for breakfast. It looks so happy! Look at all that happy colour. Ahhh...that, my friends, is The Meal of Happiness. :)

I've Failed! :(

So I was looking at Toffee and Sweetpea's little claws right, and I decided to trim the claws down so that they won't scratch me so much. At past 12am in the morning. Cos I'm smart like that.

Well...It went better than the last time. Since they've become more tame now, they kinda not move as much. Also, I find that when I hold the individual paw it's easier. Except! For the toes. See their little feet are kinda hard to get hold of. Also there's all that toe hair in the way obstructing my view.

I accidentally cut the quick on one of Sweetpea and Toffee's toes :'( Toffee especially, because she has so much more toe hair that covers the whole nail. It hasn't stopped bleeding in the past 2 minutes.

I might just cry now. I feel like the worse owner ever. I made them bleed! Poor babies. I've put them back into the cage and according to a few people it'll stop bleeding on it's own and there's not much else to do. I hope it doesn't get infected!!!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Taming the Guinea Pig

Remember in this post when I was trying to tame my babies? Well I think I can safely say that I've succeeded. In less than 3 months I can now get them to sleep when they're just chilling on my lap.

Sleeping place #1:
They love to sleep right next to my forearm. Today I tried having both of them on my lap then I realised that both of them need to be stroked or cuddled next to my forearm in order to settle down or sleep. I am flattered but it was slightly inconvenient cos it left me with no hands. Still! Love it when they sleep on me.

Chillin' place #1:
Occasionally when I put them on my large, soft, tummy, they will run up to my shoulder of chest and just sit there looking out at I don't know what. If I have my hair down, they'll be burrowing under my hair, or just sitting with their heads in it. I don't like to have them sitting there for too long. It'll be horrendous if they jump!

I've been struggling abit on what to write about. It's just so odd and I have no idea what to write about sometimes. I started this blog ages ago just so I could have a place to vent my frustrations and rant about stuff. It's my cyber diary. So now that I have a confidante, and now that I have someone to talk to about random things, sometimes I forget all the interesting things I come up with (don't worry you're not missing much).

Soo yea. Ha. Views on my nail blog has surpassed views on this blog. I'm quite proud of myself. Heehee.