Saturday, December 29, 2007


hello everybody! merry christmas! HOHOHO

okok i do know christmas is over for 4 days already. so..HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! had a great christmas. loads and loads of presents. spent all of boxing day(the day after christmas) tidying up my room and pushing everything to some semblence of order so that i can fit in all of my presents.

exams were ok. though i failed my computing exam really badly. now i have decided to give my january module a good shot at it. and if i stil dont pass my january module, i'm going to drop it. cos according to the teacher, this module in computing would be the easiest one. yepz yepz.

now for photos taken from school. :D
that's me and louise during one of our lunch periods. u can see the apple sticking out still in my mouth :S

that is kris, he's talking about something and i just happened to snap him in that particular facial position :P

that above is ryan and parky. lol! ryan is the one still in his blazer.

this is my beautiful 400g toblerone which auntie carol got for me :D

which reminds me. over christmas, i have got this mini pile of chocolates sitting in my room. have no idea how i'm going to finish it at all. oh well.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

deepest apologies

ahh...back to blog at last. but the com is not fixed yet. jsut got to use the labtop for an hour.


so anyway, was with the little kiddies again today. and i taught them how to make origami boats. it was ok. just that they dont really understand that the boat doesnt look like one until u actually get to the very end. and all the whole way through i can hear wee voices calling out "amber! can you help me?!" "amber! i dont get this!!!"

i was pretty pissed off at 1st but then it just sorta made it up for me when i see them all happy and excited about the completed boats looking like REAL boats. yepz yepz

and...i'm going to donate blood on the 21st of december!

exams are all over too *grins*

that's about it i guess. lol byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

amber yam! - absent!

the computer broke down yesterday. am now using jordan's labtop for this post and i just want to say:

i'm so sorry..i think for the nxt few days, weeks even, i might not be able to post here. so pls just wait for me..(god i sound pathetic)

so sorry...will try to post as often as time and technical problems allow.

Monday, November 26, 2007

housework! lalala~

i did an immense amount of housework today. vacuumed my room once i came home from church. then i sat around for a bit, did some paperwork. and then went down for lunch. after which i washed the toilet. then i ironed all of my clothes. and it was all good cos i mean it's not perfect but then again it's the biggest pile of clothed i've ever ironed. and i'm pretty proud of it. thought of taking pictured of course, but then i kinda forgot about it. *blushes*

took a nice long shower and then talked on the phone to my mom and sisters who called from s'pore. pangs of homesickness hit me time and again throughout my convo. but then again it's all good. :D

then came onto the come! and here are the photos of the view outside my room. the grossly overdued photos of NI! *claps*that above is when it's dark. taken without flash...and this on above is taken with flash. note taht the white specks are not snow. it's this really fine drizzle which is really common and never-ending during this season.

now, remember the last day i had in s'pore? i have a few videos. *muahahaha* and seowpeng is featured in this one. presenting....*drum roll*

THE ROCKER!!! *echoes dramatically*
lalala~this is grossly overdue too but oh well. better late than never :D haha! seowpeng is gonna kill me when she sees this. =X

Sunday, November 25, 2007


today was great! went to lisburne with uncle paul and auntie carol and jordan. took some photos on the way there. 1st we went to the aquarium to buy fish. here are some videos :)<-----this one is of the tanks and the little fishies<-----this one is of my fav fish in the shop. it's called a scooter. and it's so small and cute! ^_^uncle paul bought one which is like twice it's size...not so cute..
<-----this one is of the seahorses..absolutely love them, going to buy them when the tank matures
<-------and THIS is the stuff of my nightmares, they are albino froggies!!! and they look so naked it's horrible. i was looking at it with horrified fascination at how something so simple looking can make my heart race with fear. photos below:then we went to the furniture shop nxt door...look at the thing below! art is just so unoredictable nowadays. just that thing there costs £39.50 (multiply by 3 for sing dollars) isnt just so crazy!?
then a few lamps and candles which look so gothic. not my style but i actually quite like them...wouldnt go in my room though...the chairs and table set...
after went to this mall...and into a shop called tk-max (i hope i got the spelling right) and bought candles! photos are not here yet cos i'm lazy. but i got one spiced cinnamon-scented candle and one candle with 3 scents in one. (cedar, currant and pine)

took a test in and this really made my day :D
You Are a Punk Rocker!

When it comes to rock, you don't follow any rules
You know that rocking out is all about taking down the man
You've got an incredible stage presence and rock persona
You scare moms, make bad girls (or boys) swoon, and live life on the edge!

that's it for today!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


this morning was really frosty. u can see the frost on the ground and the puddles of water are forming thin layers of ice on them. *shivers* but luckily! i'm wearing a scarf! *grins* i learnt how to wear a scarf yesterday from carrey(thx!!). it actually kind of helps(even though i was shivering) it prevents the cold air from going down my throat and into my lungs when i breath. so less risk of sore throat..unlike ryan who is coughing real badly...*tut tut*

maths was really good. guess how much i got!! 85%!! yay! heehee. but it was a really small test. practically nothing to what we get for A-maths in s'pore 'O' levels.

and then lunch. ryan was there :D

and...shit my mind is blank...

went onto yahoo to answer questions yea and i saw this guy who wrote prose about his dream. i dunno. it's not catching enough but the description was pretty good. would never be able to write that way...*broods* the link is below! :

sooo...what else to talk about? dry skin? dry hair? skin is drying up a little but not too much cos i moisturise alot lalala~ and dry hair is becoming less of a problem...

this is getting too bimo-ish for me.

speaking of which, there is this song in my mp4 which goes :

some girls just so f***ing tragic
wanting to be something erotic
wanting to be some kind of object for men
and dont care if they're losing themselves.

*agrees heartily* i AGREE! if guys dont actually take special effort to look good for girls then y should girls take special effort to look good for guys. and not only that! y shd they become a plaything?!?!

what is the world coming to *shakes head and sighs*

byebye :P

Friday, November 23, 2007

health and social care

today was good yea. computing was good cos i finished the car hire program pretty fast and even got to do some microsoft office thingy. then english, in with break in between. after break ryan opened one of his two boxes of chocolates. (mint creams!) and i took some. then after that maths was good. i practically lazed about the whole hour. just marked the paper i have already done but others havent. =X

then common room, where people fooled around and i laughed at. and lunch, where i laughed some more. and then kiddies. they watched this play which was apparently really funny and they were all fighting to tell me about it. and it was really funny. laughed again. :P

and health and social care. teacher wasnt in. and i quickly finished the work given and turned around to talk to judith and claire. it was great. real good fun. and we just laughed and laughed and laughed. and then when the nxt teacher came, i was just sitting there 'silent laughing', during which i constricted my vocals too tightly and i gave little squeaks when i laughed. but i was too happy to care. :D really happy cos claire said i make her laugh. so there! :D

and i can make ryan laugh just by looking and smiling at him lalala~

i blame ryan for my hyper-ness in my health and social care. cos he brought in all those mint creams and coffee creams to tempt me during lunch. and i ate them...(clearly) all that sugar caffeine rush. cos i had some coke (courtesy of ryan)

came home, ironed my uniform, ate, practiced piano, washed the dishes. and ate chocolate(again) cos there was this whole pile of chocolates. and i ate some and gave benjamin(the dalmation) some...

i really shd stop eating chocolates...i found out that i have two little pimples on my face. and they look like they can turn into acne...*shock*

i MUST eat healthily...

and then i found out that there are a few pics of peoples from helen's b-day party last saturday.from left:natalie(the one with hair covering the face), victoria, louise and sarah powers (the blur)
awwwwwwwww helen's doggy!!! she's got two. and they are adorable!
photo of me, as taken by someone who is very, very near me (i forgot who)
photo of jennifer's foot. lol!!
nicki! (hi! *waves*)
from left:jennifer(the blur), nicki, natalie and sarah patterson
from left:jennifer, nicki, helen, natalie and sarah patterson

here is what i came up with in health and social care. sks, the highlight of my day.


Dominate! Communicate! Populate!

then i rold ryan and this is what he added in:

Dominate! Communicate! Populate! Exterminate! Regenerate!

had lots of fun today i did *grins* that's it for today! byeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, November 22, 2007


  1. i have nothing much to say. things are pretty good, yea. have a pain in my foot and then i found out that it's cos i have this bone which is a little out of place...using a foot support now. hope it helps. only started wearing the foot support last night.

nxt thing...hmm...*thinks hard*

i have just come to a shocking realisation that i, like ming ching, have not been posting regularly and have been practically neglecting my blog and not spending as much time as i would have liked on the posts everyday. and i guess i have just been busy.

busy doing what?

let me see...there is quite a variety of things...
1)talking on msn
2)packing my bag
3)doing whatever homework i have as quickly as possible
4)washing the dishes on alternate days
5)walking the dog

that's not alot wad...ah well...time passes quickly when u are busy. exams starting on the 3rd of december...*sigh*

sometimes i wish you wouldnt praise me that much.
you make me feel like i have to live up to something.
i am so, so afraid of not living up to your expectations you know that?

In a perfect world,no one cares about how u look. but *WHAM* this is the real world. In. Your. Face.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

fake or not fake?

hello peoples. thx so much for care and concern from everyone. i really appreciate it.

went for health and social care today. was good. children were learning their colours using paints. and iw as helping them :) see? i'm so helpful! so good! so...

okok i'm going to stop now. and SO!

randomly, found out i'm not fake!
You Are 19% Fake

Fake doesn't even come close to describing you.
You're totally natural, and proud of who you really are!

Monday, November 19, 2007


everything's ok now...went to nannies for sunday dinner as usual, had a little cry. and then feel alot better. so, just to tell peoples...yepz yepz. i'm ok now.

bloody pissed.

for some reason i have no idea what, i am so absolutely pissed off today. and feeling so damn emo. DAMN IT!

everything was fine from the start like. church as usual, then i came home, tried to clear out my room and auntie carol had to help cos i dont know where to put everything. then jordan came in and she asked him to help. when she went over to look for places to put their things in he was asking me y did i want to clear off everything. is this room not massive compared to the room i have in s'pore? and i went "but then..." and he continued "but then i have turned into a prat and now want a bigger room with more space" right. so now i'm a prat who is space hungry. FINE! it's not as if i WANT people to help me. if i could do it on my own, i would. but the fucking thing is, the suitcases are NOT mine and it would be just plain wrong to dump it out of my room and leave it lying around just because i have to hoover my room. i know what i'm doing now is really selfish. i really do. and i feel absolutely lousy about it. so damn absolutely lousy. and yes, i feel like a prat.

and then things went downhill from there. lunch was good enough like. but guys would not leave my big tummy out of the topic. it's totally my fault that i ate so much so that i actually grew a little bigger from all that food in s'pore. (two kg...) but then again, it's jsut so mean to tease a GIRL about her physical looks. i could be an anorexic, i could be bulimic, i could be comfort-eating. (fully aware that i am over-dramatising here but leave me alone k? i'm ranting!!!)

then went up to my room immediately after lunch to sort out all my things. got a few things sorted out in the end. and had a little cry...cos i aam just so fucking stressed. i have no idea what the hell is going on. i just feel so stressed all the time. sorted out the photos. and kinda wish i was back in that time. in happier times when i have the mood to take photos, and jsut smile like there is no tomorrow.

then i went to read the notes, and this model essay mrs thorpe(english teacher) gave us. with each sentence i read, i can just feel my self confidence growing smaller, and smaller and smaller. in english i have to admit i feel pretty disadvantaged here. cos being from s'pore where we speak singlish and our own mother tongue, i who speak proper english with proper grammar am considered pretty good. but over here it's not the case. over here i am the lowest of the low in english. dammit dammit dammit.

to make my day EVEN BETTER, my clothing rail have just broke and left my clothes on the floor. noe i have no where to hang up my uniform and jumpers and coats. isnt it wonderful?

i feel like i have to perform every single day to live up to people's expectations. i have no idea y, but i do feel that way. i feel like i have to perform everyday, just so that people will accept me. but when i'm tired, how am i going to rest? where am i going to rest? i am really really tired...

i really really hope i feel better soon...this has been happening to often it's starting to scare me.

Friday, November 16, 2007


today was ok, got ambushed by the little kiddies today. was pretty good yea...except everyone was staring at me. cos i was surrounded by kids and they were all hugging me and pulling me all over the place. people are staring was just outside the common room and people from in it are staring....that was when i was holding a piece of chocolate for my break..

then when i was going over for my common room period i thought i was safe cos i wasnt holding any chocolate. but then, they spotted me and one shouted "hey! it's amber!!!!" and ALL of them who heard ran over and started swarming me.

ryan saw well as everyone in common room. when i went into the common room finally, the people were laughing..but they were laughing with me.. (i think)

today guess how much i wore: long sleeved blouse, thick cardigan, blazer, skirt, two pairs of tights and a pair of ankle socks(below the tights). and guess what? i was still cold! *sigh* need to wear that winter coat soon.

yepz yepz, so today wasnt too bad..all in all. really short post, sorta brain-dead. and frozen fingers.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

ho hum...

last night i had a brainwave and i decided to draw on my specs. it looks pretty good and yes, i wore them to school. response was pretty good. haha!anyway, found out that we have christmas exams starting on the 3rd of december. a little stressed. i'm not too worried about the rest of the subjects..just worreid about computing cos i feel like i have nothing in my head about it. and i feel as much a noob as when i jsut came in. rest is fine though...

it gets really dark at night now...went for my piano lesson at 4.30pm today, came out at 5pm and it was pitch dark. weird....

shd get used to it. looking at the darkness like that makes me feel so sleepy. *yawns* my body keeps thinking it's night time and then try to get me to sleep. oh was good today. it's a really dificult dance but it was fun cos a few of them (some of the ones in the yr below us) just did not take it seriously and then couldnt do it at all. haha!

that's about it i guess. yepz. byebye

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


i found this test in wanpeng's blog. and found this "what type of beauty are you" thingy. took the test and found out that i am....
You Are a Classic Beauty!

You have a timeless beauty that looks great in every decade
Instead following trends, you stick to what works
And this means you never skimp on your beauty routine
Upside? Your classic looks tends to attract gentlemen - not boys.
What Type of Beauty Are You?

yepz yepz! *grins* pretty happy about it...though i dont think i am that beautiful...

Friday, November 09, 2007

all the days from last friday till now. (yes yes, i'm lazy)

ok, so these are the photos on friday. pretty lazy to blog about every single little detail so will just place the photos in roughly chronological order and then put little tabs.

this is the photo of the road at the bus stop when i'm going to meet peiching.our breakfast! ^_^then on the bus to cathay in dhoby ghaut.after going to cathay, went to sunplaza...this is taken in the toilet.then lunch with mommy.and immediately after that, went to coffee bean in sunplaza also. wow, the pure chocolate, u MUST try it. but it's about $5 a cup now...almost duble in price..-_-'''wu liao ren de e zuo juafter sunplaza, went home and then slept for a little while and go to sakura..
and after sakura, went out with uncle paul and cousins to see a crappy movie.

sihui and kaixun with gay poses holding women purses... :Oin the miror, where i can see everyone!in the toilet with yinghao....and that's it for friday...

for the rest of the days till now, i'm ok like...was SOOO tired...and yesterday wasnt looking too happy at all. ryan was like "smile! :)" and i was like "i'm too tired to smile! :("


anyway. all is well....and i've caught up with my work ok. not much missed. :)

that's it. will prob type in more stuff and think deep when my brain is not that drugged by sleep...