Friday, November 09, 2007

all the days from last friday till now. (yes yes, i'm lazy)

ok, so these are the photos on friday. pretty lazy to blog about every single little detail so will just place the photos in roughly chronological order and then put little tabs.

this is the photo of the road at the bus stop when i'm going to meet peiching.our breakfast! ^_^then on the bus to cathay in dhoby ghaut.after going to cathay, went to sunplaza...this is taken in the toilet.then lunch with mommy.and immediately after that, went to coffee bean in sunplaza also. wow, the pure chocolate, u MUST try it. but it's about $5 a cup now...almost duble in price..-_-'''wu liao ren de e zuo juafter sunplaza, went home and then slept for a little while and go to sakura..
and after sakura, went out with uncle paul and cousins to see a crappy movie.

sihui and kaixun with gay poses holding women purses... :Oin the miror, where i can see everyone!in the toilet with yinghao....and that's it for friday...

for the rest of the days till now, i'm ok like...was SOOO tired...and yesterday wasnt looking too happy at all. ryan was like "smile! :)" and i was like "i'm too tired to smile! :("


anyway. all is well....and i've caught up with my work ok. not much missed. :)

that's it. will prob type in more stuff and think deep when my brain is not that drugged by sleep...