Thursday, November 22, 2007


  1. i have nothing much to say. things are pretty good, yea. have a pain in my foot and then i found out that it's cos i have this bone which is a little out of place...using a foot support now. hope it helps. only started wearing the foot support last night.

nxt thing...hmm...*thinks hard*

i have just come to a shocking realisation that i, like ming ching, have not been posting regularly and have been practically neglecting my blog and not spending as much time as i would have liked on the posts everyday. and i guess i have just been busy.

busy doing what?

let me see...there is quite a variety of things...
1)talking on msn
2)packing my bag
3)doing whatever homework i have as quickly as possible
4)washing the dishes on alternate days
5)walking the dog

that's not alot wad...ah well...time passes quickly when u are busy. exams starting on the 3rd of december...*sigh*

sometimes i wish you wouldnt praise me that much.
you make me feel like i have to live up to something.
i am so, so afraid of not living up to your expectations you know that?

In a perfect world,no one cares about how u look. but *WHAM* this is the real world. In. Your. Face.