Monday, November 05, 2007

9th day-lazing about at home

last night, i cut open a pomelo. was kinda difficult, skin was so thick! but eventually i got it opened. and had some :) here are some photos.
the pomelo compared to the size of my hand.the pomelo when i was finished with it :)the meat! sorry for my disgusting looking hand, but it's clean, i assure u.the first half of today was happily spent lazing about on my bed. didnt wake up till like 2pm. then after which i woke up and sepnt about 45 min in the toilet just very slowly showering. and then went to the fridge in the kitchen in a happy forage for lunch :) didnt take a photo of my lunch though, regretfully cos i was just too interested in the things i found in the fridge. nxt hour or so was spent polishing off everything i found which i liked the look of in the fridge. as well the pomelo i cut open last night..^_^

then i came onto the com and for the 1st time, found it boring...weird...anyway, i went to do my computing homework *yawns* was finding it sooo difficult to keep awake. got it done anyways, here is the proof that i at least TOUCHED my homework.
*yawns* doing work... ho hum..
halfway through the intricacies of computing, i got bored. so i played with the camera! again...haha! -_-''' \
peek! peek! peek! :Pu dont wanna mess with me...really..and i realised that there is not much time left for me here. i'm leaving on saturday night, which means i have like 5 days left! so little! and i have to spend:
one day in my dad's shop
one day out with my sisters
one day out with seowpeng
one day out on my own! (supposed to be today but i havent got any money...)
one day out with mingching and thilaiga.
one day out with cheryl and weiying
one day out with my mom.

see? i have SEVEN DAYS worth of things to do, and i have effectively WASTED one away lying about at home!'s my own fault and i did enjoy it. looks like i have to forgo one of them...*thinks*

NO! NEVERRR!!! i dont want to forgo any...ok, just sorted out everything in a semblence of order. either shop or my sisters tomorrow. depending on minhching's answer. and called cheryl jsut now, we'll be going to vivo city on wednesday! with mingching and thilaiga if they can make it. so it's four friends in one day. and out with mom on thursday. so that leaves friday or tueday for the shop. and my mom has offered for me to invite a few friends over on saturday. so good good :)
*sigh* just finished the last of the pomelo with my sis during dinner :) happy happy.
aha! so i'm happy with my day. i'm a happy happy girl. cheerio!

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