Friday, November 16, 2007


today was ok, got ambushed by the little kiddies today. was pretty good yea...except everyone was staring at me. cos i was surrounded by kids and they were all hugging me and pulling me all over the place. people are staring was just outside the common room and people from in it are staring....that was when i was holding a piece of chocolate for my break..

then when i was going over for my common room period i thought i was safe cos i wasnt holding any chocolate. but then, they spotted me and one shouted "hey! it's amber!!!!" and ALL of them who heard ran over and started swarming me.

ryan saw well as everyone in common room. when i went into the common room finally, the people were laughing..but they were laughing with me.. (i think)

today guess how much i wore: long sleeved blouse, thick cardigan, blazer, skirt, two pairs of tights and a pair of ankle socks(below the tights). and guess what? i was still cold! *sigh* need to wear that winter coat soon.

yepz yepz, so today wasnt too bad..all in all. really short post, sorta brain-dead. and frozen fingers.