Saturday, November 24, 2007


this morning was really frosty. u can see the frost on the ground and the puddles of water are forming thin layers of ice on them. *shivers* but luckily! i'm wearing a scarf! *grins* i learnt how to wear a scarf yesterday from carrey(thx!!). it actually kind of helps(even though i was shivering) it prevents the cold air from going down my throat and into my lungs when i breath. so less risk of sore throat..unlike ryan who is coughing real badly...*tut tut*

maths was really good. guess how much i got!! 85%!! yay! heehee. but it was a really small test. practically nothing to what we get for A-maths in s'pore 'O' levels.

and then lunch. ryan was there :D

and...shit my mind is blank...

went onto yahoo to answer questions yea and i saw this guy who wrote prose about his dream. i dunno. it's not catching enough but the description was pretty good. would never be able to write that way...*broods* the link is below! :

sooo...what else to talk about? dry skin? dry hair? skin is drying up a little but not too much cos i moisturise alot lalala~ and dry hair is becoming less of a problem...

this is getting too bimo-ish for me.

speaking of which, there is this song in my mp4 which goes :

some girls just so f***ing tragic
wanting to be something erotic
wanting to be some kind of object for men
and dont care if they're losing themselves.

*agrees heartily* i AGREE! if guys dont actually take special effort to look good for girls then y should girls take special effort to look good for guys. and not only that! y shd they become a plaything?!?!

what is the world coming to *shakes head and sighs*

byebye :P