Sunday, September 30, 2007

down memory lane...and i'm just 17

was looking at my old classmated blogs today. just reading to see how they're doing. and i found these old photos in his blog. photo courtesy of zixian. argh. miss my old school so much

remember the times when we used to laugh and play.
remember the times we used to cheer each other up
the way we used to gang up on teachers hu were nasty.
the way we used to just fool around and make a ruckus, and yet be liked by both teachers and students alike
i just so miss the times there.

not that i'm unhappy here i'm awfully happy but it's not the same. it's just not the same and when i think of how long i have gone without u guys from 4E i cant believe i've come so far and not think of u. are the photos i know they're kinda puny and i may or maynot be in one of them. in any case, people who are curious about my school and school uniform will have their questions answered...

is this wat it's like to grow up???


Saturday, September 29, 2007

card night, then movie night. yippee!

last night was great! i didnt i was going to wasnt too enthu about it. but it was really great. i went to nanny's for a card night with the aunties and the girls. the game is skip-bo but with a twist. everyone's got presents at the end. and the winner of wach game gets to pick them first. to add to it, the presents are wrapped. so u are not really sure about wat u going to get. i got two presents though i just won one game and got really good stuff. it was so fun! got a pencil holder and a soap dish but i'm putting my necklaces in them. also got a bracelet. how cool is that?today i'm going to go for a girly night out with one of the aunties and her friends. going to newry to watch the atonement. it looks really good and was thinking of watching it. didnt think would be that soon. heehee :) anyway, got around to taking photos for u people to see my presents from wales. it's a heart-shaped necklace, a keyring, a portable pen, a lollipop and a bean. keyring, bean and portable pen has my name on it. (amber) :)

have u ever seen cobwebs with morning dew on them? this morning when i woke up i decided to open the window cos it was getting a little stuffy. then when i opened the window there is this cobweb just dripping with dew and it looks sooo pretty. i mean seriously, it looks really pretty i just had to take my camera there and then to take a photo. here it is too...i know it's kinda blurry but oh well....
anyway i'm just really glad my social life has filled out nicely. i've been asked to a birthday party on the 13th of october and a movie night sometime in halloween. even though i dont think i can make it, i'm still quite happy i'm asked to go cos this means i will have a rather full social life in the future. so yay!

sure i'm going to be tired but who cares? i'm having the time of my life!

dum de dum................ARGH!!!!

today was quite good school wise, but then after school the bus trip home was hell. in maths class the teacher was teaching stuff. like i said, a repeat of O levels add maths. and then there was something different about it and i sorta clarified with her a few times. and then for completing the square i did it the less complicated way. and she came over and said "hmm amber, i like ur way. it's very good" and outside, i was like "oh, ok" but inside i was just dancing around going "oh yea! oh yea! i'm good!"

lol....but it just felt sooo good. esp when i was kinda like an under-achiever in maths during secondary school. and then in computing i did like notes(cause we have to) and then i showed it to the teacher. he said it's quite good. then this other guy came up and he had half a page of notes just. then the teacher called me over to show him the notes and told the guy "being a girl she probably wrote more than she have to but ur notes have to be a decent length" and gave my notes to him as a model. and again, in my head, doing a dance...

and health and social care we learnt about counselling skills and i was thinking about it and remembering that most of the skills was used by this counsellor in this yishun thing and suddenly it all seemed so sterile and emotionless. it suddenly all seemed like a sham. and i clarified with the teacher and she said it all comes with feelings just because it seems so technical doesnt mean they dont feel. and when i think about it more i will find that this actually helps the person to feel better. and it does. just that it seems

in the bus, i was standing cos there were a few assholes in the small gate pushing everyone back in. result? i got onto the bus and was pushed around. and stepped on...oh well

after typing all that out i'm just not in the mood to fuss about the bus trip...bye :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

school school school...

it's now 8.18pm in northern ireland. and i've been in school for almost 4 weeks. so to update my status in school. ok.

computing is kinda fun, theory is boring, but then when it comes to programming it's great! i have already programmed a simple window and on my way to programming a simple calculator. not that i did it all on my own. we have like a instruction sheet and then we type it out. not as easy as it sounds...

english is going great! i think my teacher for old english is amazing! the one for mordern english is not too good, he's got like a really sarcastic way about him and he's really really soft spoken, up to the point when he seems disinterested in teaching u. but then he gives great notes so it's all good good...

mathematics, great. reteaching all the add maths from O levels and finding it all easy. feel so great to actually know something. and i can revise whichever one i wasnt good at in O levels. teachers are good as well.

health and social care, i'm going to my 1st placement soon. it's going to be with the little kids in the down high. and i thing it's really fun

mid-autumn festival is just gone past, i didnt celebrate it. feel kinda homesick...but it's ok, at least not celebrating it is better. at least i wont have anything to remind me of mid-autumn festival. there is a mooncake sitting on the kitchen bench though...hmmmm

last weekend auntie heather and auntie allie went to wales on like a bus trip. auntie heather is really tired. she was sick on the bus and the ship. but they bought everyone stuff. i got a pen, a keyring, and a bean with my name on it. also got a huge lollipop and a heart-shaped necklace. love the gifts. cant post pictures here cos i was too lazy to take photos. will put it on soon though.

and......i think that's about it...

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

herbert the tennisball is my BEST friend

yesterday i got herbert the tennis ball and i think he's soooo cute. how he came to be is that the day before, bogie's sister came up to him with this tennis ball, and it actually rattled. then he cut it open and found that there are actually little stones in it. and it couldnt bounce because of that.

then he brought it to school the next day which is yesterday really and then started to make it look like a face with a mouth. then i drew a face on it and it looked soo cute. after that i got so excited i ran around the place telling anyone who would listen "look!" and move it's mouth. then when i showed helena, she went "u whould call it herbert or something" and i thought it was a great idea. and called the now him tennis ball herbert. so there he is. gave him feet today. he's got DC shoes. like mine! lalala.

moved rooms today. was sleeping in jordan's music room and now moved into the main house to the room just above the bedrooms. not too bad, got drawer space and the like, as well as the fact that i can personalise the room as much as i want within reason. not living out of a suitcase anymore!! yay!

since i cant manage to write right at the bottom below the photos, i'll just say bye here. ok, bye, and enjoy! dont laugh at my face, cant smile properly so there u go. pouty that is my little sister's toy. jordan used it;s magnetic hands and feet to create that. along with my safety's skateboarding!!that's patrick(given to me by auntie heather) and my b-day bear(given to me by auntie carol) their making friends

Sunday, September 09, 2007


i have just found out loads of stuff about myself.

for one, i have become lots more aggressive, as well as more girly.

yes friends, i'm now girly and aggressive. girly+aggressive=bitch

is it? like u know, once i came here, i have been going "if anyone ever teases me for being an asian, i'm going to KICK them!" which is kinda weird. but anyway, only got that once and those people were drunk. and my ankle was hurting so i cant go up to them and say "u have a problem?!" and with any luck i would be taking self-defence classes soon. would come in handy for any bullying in school. not that it'll happen in school, just good to be prepared. and for any street bullying.

and as for being girly, i found myself wishing i know how to apply mascara and eyeliner. also found myself taking more attention to my clothes and buying necklaces and stuff. so...kinda creepy but oh well. just be prepared to see me in eyeliner and mascara. that is if i think i look good i them.
so to end this post, here is a modified nursery poem for u people reading:
sing a song of six pence, pocket full of rhye
four and twenty blackbirds baked in a pie
when the pie was opened the birds began to sing,
wat a dainty dish it is to set before a king!
the king is in the couting house counting out his tummy
the queen is in the parlour eating bread and bunny
the maid is in the garden hanging out her nose
down came the black bird and pecked off her clothes!
*bowing down to cheers from loving readers* "thankyou! thankyou!"

Saturday, September 08, 2007

1st week of school

ah...1st week of school is over. i ahve added another subject to the list i'm studying. computing. i'm going to be doing english literature, maths, computing and health and social care.

u know, i never really thought about being chinese and being proud of who i am until i came here, a place with almost no asian people. no racism meant. just that in s'pore i would be wondering how cool will it actually be to have coloured hair and coloured eyes, naturally. but now that i'm here. i feel a strong urge to protect who i am and not be dying my whole head of hair. highlights, yes, hopefully. but not my whole head. i also used to be not that eager to speak chinese. or write it. now i write chinese now and then. it's amazing considering i do it on my own accord. or maybe not cos i plain dont want jordan to understand what i write about. so now, i'm an asian, s'porean chinese and proud of it. all the teachers recognise me cos i'm different. a good thing or bad thing i have no idea yet. but for now it's good cos they obviously know i'm new and will try to help or something.

now to something else that was on my mind. was listening to music on the way to school on the bus a few days ago. (i get my music highs on the bus, that's how i arrive in school or anywhere ready to take the world on) and i was listening to simple plan and a few songs i paricularly like. then i found out that there was something in common. they all use the bass really cleverly. and they have a louder bass, with an undercurrent of bass melodies instead of the normal rhythm thingy. so there u go. i always liked the bass part of music, played a bass instrument in symphonic band, and now looking to play the electric bass and with any luck the tenor saxophone because of it's relatively low pitch and sexy husky reasonance. whoop whoop.




i cant think of anything to say...OH please please PLEASE tag before u leave. have been asking everyone to do that since i started this blog. and oh well. hardly anyone does.


having a guilt trip yet?

i knew u would! ok sorry. u dont have to if u dont wanna tag.

i'm just going to stop before i talk anymore nonsense.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

3rd day of school

this is the 4th time i am trying to get this on so this better be working. anyway, 3rd day of school already and i've already gone to lessons of all my subjects, though havent met all of the teachers yet. i'm taking maths, english literature and health and social care studies.

probably those who were in the same class as me in 2006 (4E in chungcheng yishun!!!) will probably be quite surprised that i'm taking maths but since i got A1(A*) for maths and A2(A) for normal maths i should be doing ok in that subject. also they are teaching some quite basic stuff and i'm doing fine even though i'm rusty from the lack of using my mathematical prowess. teacher is quite nice as well, but maybe that's because it's just the 3rd day of school.

for english literature, i think it's going to be fun fun fun! we're doing shakespeare's "merchant of venice", which i read an abbrieved version of and think it's quite good, chauncer's "miller's story"which the teacher claimed to be funny and another modern text which i dont know yet but will be sure about tomorrow when i get it. chauncer is in old english, as in very very very very very very old, not just the "thee"s and "thou"s but a whole lot more ancient. and i cant really read it qutie well though i can understand it ok. but when read out it sounds like a whole new different language. should be quite a challenge, but everyone feels that way so...we learn together. should do ok especially when i am able to slowly analyse my stuff in my loads of private study periods.

as for health and social care, we are going to learn three units throughout this yr, two of which will be coursework. and one of which will be test examined. coursework will amount to about 2000 words in total, not bad considering everything...then we will get placements and work for a week. sounds really fun, cant wait for it.
also making new friends everyday, and maybe a few acquaintences. not following jordan around that much anymore. and i think it would start to be fun once i get to know the school better and once the timetable has been confirmed.
u know, i know it sounds so darn nerdy but i think i will like going to school.