Sunday, September 30, 2007

down memory lane...and i'm just 17

was looking at my old classmated blogs today. just reading to see how they're doing. and i found these old photos in his blog. photo courtesy of zixian. argh. miss my old school so much

remember the times when we used to laugh and play.
remember the times we used to cheer each other up
the way we used to gang up on teachers hu were nasty.
the way we used to just fool around and make a ruckus, and yet be liked by both teachers and students alike
i just so miss the times there.

not that i'm unhappy here i'm awfully happy but it's not the same. it's just not the same and when i think of how long i have gone without u guys from 4E i cant believe i've come so far and not think of u. are the photos i know they're kinda puny and i may or maynot be in one of them. in any case, people who are curious about my school and school uniform will have their questions answered...

is this wat it's like to grow up???


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