Saturday, September 08, 2007

1st week of school

ah...1st week of school is over. i ahve added another subject to the list i'm studying. computing. i'm going to be doing english literature, maths, computing and health and social care.

u know, i never really thought about being chinese and being proud of who i am until i came here, a place with almost no asian people. no racism meant. just that in s'pore i would be wondering how cool will it actually be to have coloured hair and coloured eyes, naturally. but now that i'm here. i feel a strong urge to protect who i am and not be dying my whole head of hair. highlights, yes, hopefully. but not my whole head. i also used to be not that eager to speak chinese. or write it. now i write chinese now and then. it's amazing considering i do it on my own accord. or maybe not cos i plain dont want jordan to understand what i write about. so now, i'm an asian, s'porean chinese and proud of it. all the teachers recognise me cos i'm different. a good thing or bad thing i have no idea yet. but for now it's good cos they obviously know i'm new and will try to help or something.

now to something else that was on my mind. was listening to music on the way to school on the bus a few days ago. (i get my music highs on the bus, that's how i arrive in school or anywhere ready to take the world on) and i was listening to simple plan and a few songs i paricularly like. then i found out that there was something in common. they all use the bass really cleverly. and they have a louder bass, with an undercurrent of bass melodies instead of the normal rhythm thingy. so there u go. i always liked the bass part of music, played a bass instrument in symphonic band, and now looking to play the electric bass and with any luck the tenor saxophone because of it's relatively low pitch and sexy husky reasonance. whoop whoop.




i cant think of anything to say...OH please please PLEASE tag before u leave. have been asking everyone to do that since i started this blog. and oh well. hardly anyone does.


having a guilt trip yet?

i knew u would! ok sorry. u dont have to if u dont wanna tag.

i'm just going to stop before i talk anymore nonsense.


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