Wednesday, September 05, 2007

3rd day of school

this is the 4th time i am trying to get this on so this better be working. anyway, 3rd day of school already and i've already gone to lessons of all my subjects, though havent met all of the teachers yet. i'm taking maths, english literature and health and social care studies.

probably those who were in the same class as me in 2006 (4E in chungcheng yishun!!!) will probably be quite surprised that i'm taking maths but since i got A1(A*) for maths and A2(A) for normal maths i should be doing ok in that subject. also they are teaching some quite basic stuff and i'm doing fine even though i'm rusty from the lack of using my mathematical prowess. teacher is quite nice as well, but maybe that's because it's just the 3rd day of school.

for english literature, i think it's going to be fun fun fun! we're doing shakespeare's "merchant of venice", which i read an abbrieved version of and think it's quite good, chauncer's "miller's story"which the teacher claimed to be funny and another modern text which i dont know yet but will be sure about tomorrow when i get it. chauncer is in old english, as in very very very very very very old, not just the "thee"s and "thou"s but a whole lot more ancient. and i cant really read it qutie well though i can understand it ok. but when read out it sounds like a whole new different language. should be quite a challenge, but everyone feels that way so...we learn together. should do ok especially when i am able to slowly analyse my stuff in my loads of private study periods.

as for health and social care, we are going to learn three units throughout this yr, two of which will be coursework. and one of which will be test examined. coursework will amount to about 2000 words in total, not bad considering everything...then we will get placements and work for a week. sounds really fun, cant wait for it.
also making new friends everyday, and maybe a few acquaintences. not following jordan around that much anymore. and i think it would start to be fun once i get to know the school better and once the timetable has been confirmed.
u know, i know it sounds so darn nerdy but i think i will like going to school.

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