Thursday, August 30, 2007


now in the workplace again. muahaha...been just fooling the house u know. bought my school things already. oh wow i'm sooo cool. (puke everyone! lol)


i know this may be a little late but then i have just found out my chemical romance. they rock! i dont care if they're emos or even if they look like gays, i think they have talent if they wrote all those songs on their own. and even though welcome to the black parade is prob featured the most but then i like Dead! the most, i dont know, maybe because i have a certain liking for guitar solos, the more the better, or because their drums are sooo damn sweet.

bought loads of punk stuff the day before when i went to newry. spent like £15 on all that. sounds darn stupid but anyway, i like it. bought cool shoelaces as well. yipee! and when i bought all that i was thinking just how much i've changed when i came from s'pore to here. for one, i feel so much more confident, and i just feel loads more friendly and open. as well as loads more punk. and anyway, was just thinking like just 3 mths ago, i will probably never wear wat i wear now. and with confidence too.

and this sounds so cheesy, but i think i owe it all to my auntie carol and jordan and uncle paul. for auntie carol, she just tells me i look ok every single day. and not to mention all the spoiling she gave to me helped. jodan, just been the shoulder for me to cry on, no matter what, when. im afraid i cant say where cos obviously i cant cy in school and have him comfort me who am i to complain anyway, it's a so much better improvement from when i was in s'pore.

yay. anyway, gotta go now, i just feel so lucky. yay!!!!!!!

*evil laughter* lol

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