Monday, August 13, 2007

i'm now in northern ireland

hello everyone. amberyam is back on blogger!!!!! muahahahahaha...heehee. anyways, just to tell everyone out there, i'm in northern ireland now and will be staying for about two years to study here. of course will be visiting in between or something so will be visiting all of my friends in s'pore! yay!! all started as a simple holiday and then turned out that i'm staying here. dont get me wrong, the decision is mine. but then again i was given very strong nudges into that direction from my parents. as for lance, we have broken up for real. i made the decision to stay because i had to stay for like a month or two more here cos we cant get tickets for me and my dad. then he just freaked. it just wasnt pretty. and he basically said he doesnt want to see me again. that's when i decided to study. because i cant bear the thought of going back to face everyone and hear all the aunties and uncles in s'pore go "see i told u so, he was bad, didnt i tell u?!" plus, i cant bear the thought of going back and facing the temptation of going to his house all the time. and honestly, part of it was as an escape from my parents.

it probably sounds so darn weird, but then again, my relationship with my parents are not that close in the first place. recently when my mom called, she asked for my diaries. my DIARIES!! she said suddenly they are not at my tables anymore. and i knew that she was implying i had given them to lance. obviously, i didnt. i just hid them. and there is no way i'm gonna let her get her hands on my precious diaries. i cant imagine anyone i dont like reading my diaries, my deepest and darkest secrets, my real thoughts and desires and the way i feel about everyone. a blog is different, it's meant for people to read. but diaries, *shudder*, it's plain wrong.

anyways, i got my hair done today. it's the first time i ever got my hair done in a hair salon with hair wash, hair drying, straightening, the works. love my straight hair but then again, it'll onyl last for a day. but if i like it, i think i'll rebond it when i get back to s'pore.
everything's really great here, and the weather is getting fine. i just dread the moment when winter comes. sometimes, it's cold enough here for me already. so...i'll be freezing when i get back. oh well. took quite alot of photos of northern ireland and then i'll be posting photos one by one as i blog each day.(or every few days for that matter)'m really glad to be able to blog for u guys now. hope u enjoy my bloggings. heehee. gotta go! byeeeeee

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