Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I went to a Malaysia 'Adventure Tour' with my family for a few days last week. It was actually alot of fun. Basically, we had a few destinations in mind and we just cruised around, dropping off occasionally to take a closer look at any place that looks interesting. There is ultimate comfort, and you get to see alot. Plus, you can sleep if you ever feel kinda tired. ^_^ Ain't it the best? Here are three of my favourite pictures from that trip. Brought my Nikon D5000 along and I was so happy. I have learnt quite alot about my camera. D5000 and I have really bonded during the time we spent together. Yepz. We're best buds now.
(Above picture) I love that picure. It just really...makes you think.

(Above picture) FLUFFIIIEEES!!

(Above picture) Saw the sunrise on the first morning. As amazing as the sunrise it, I was too lazy to get out of the hotel room. So I took this with my camera on full zoom from the balcony ^^

This is turning into a photo blog. Like Ryan's. And I have noticed that no one really tags me now ><

Ah well it doesn't matter cos I am just keeping this blog for kicks and giggles. ^^ It'll be fun a few years from now to read and laugh at myself.


That is all.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Ok I'll be straight. I really only put these pictures up so that I will be able to get these pictures onto my work computer using "Save As". But these are some of my proudest pictures. No actually my proudest picture is the second one.

Enjoy! Maybe I'll put some more photos up. Sometime.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Full Metal Alchemist

I have finally finished reading the whole Full Metal Alchemist. It was absolutely brilliant. Very touching too.

Yes, I read it while I was in work and it was a bit odd when my eyes filled up at particularly touching parts.

Yes, I also know that the last chapter of Full Metal Alchemist was released a week ago but I completely forgot about it and only remembered now. No harm done. ^_^

You know what I realised? I get paid to sit on the internets! (and drink copious amounts of green tea) Sure, Facebook, MSN, and nearly all the gaming websites are filtered out. But there's always todaysbigthing, MLIA, amirite, Failbook, omnomnomnom, and Google to keep me occupied.

Uh huh, don't you envy me?

What makes this so much better is that the coffee shops here sell good and cheap food. I'm gonna be such a fattie by August.

You guys will still love me right?

You better, or you're all fat-ists.

Now let me look for more interesting websites. I shall need them to keep myself from sleeping.


This makes me laugh SO MUCH! P-p-p-p-p-p-POWER!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


And it's beautiful. I got him on Saturday (yes, I have decided that my Mac is a boy).

Mac will also be Nikon's new baby brother and they shall be the best of friends. :)

Currently I am downloading all seasons of the Big Bang Theory and all seasons of Friends. It's gonna take forever but it shall be worth it!!! Mac will be a bundle of fun once it's all done.

Also, I HAVE SPORE! Have been wanting to play it forever and it's so so cute! Tried it for about half an hour yesterday. It's so fun and I can't wait to play it again. ^^

Randomly, my boss just came to have a chat with me. He just found out that I live in NI for two years and his comment was "No wonder why you are...of some stature." HAH! Second fat comment from him in two weeks. >< First one was "Why are you wearing a jacket? I thought you have extra insulation? Like me?"

Laugh out loud.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Oops! ><

Hello! I'm blogging from my new job!

Let's catch up ^^

I now have a full time job, with Eu Yan Sang, a traditional chinese medicine company. Basically I do like invoices and stuff. Most of the time I can just sit here and get paid to read MLIA. :) I am a Sales Administrative Assistant! So important! :D

Also, I met someone new. He's so nice. :) And I am no longer single. While I realise that I shouldn't really be in a relationship till I can feel whole on my own, it is still nice to be able to have that companionship I once had. Nom! Such a sweet guy.

A new goal for this week: Take a stop motion movie with my Nikon D5000. Of the sunset.

Sourced for a spot to set up my tripod last Sunday, and I found the perfect spot. The view is absolutely breathtaking. No idea what to do with my stopmotion movie once it's done. Maybe I'll just make another one of the sunsetting in another place. Hmm. It could be my 'thang'.

There was something I wanted to say but I forgot :(

OH! I got accepted into university! It was such a relief 'cos frankly, I was getting worrid. Especially whenever my friend comes up to me saying I should give them a call, spaces are running out, etc. Never thought I'd be so happy knowing I'd be able to study again.

Wanna know something? I'm getting a Macbook Pro soon. Yes! A Macbook Pro! ^^ And with the student offers now, I can get an iPod Touch for FREE!

This means that I can set my sights on a Blackberry instead of an iPhone now.

Working full time is no fun you know. Well, it's alright for me cos basically I get paid even though I'm doing nothing (sometimes there's literally nothing for me to do). But when you get home after a long day of work, somehow, getting onto the internet to Facebook, or Farmville. It just kinda loses importance. Like see, I probably haven't touched my Farmville, Pet Society, or Hotel City in easily more than a week. One of the only reasons I go onto Facebook is cos people have commented on my photos, or just to upload my Project 365.

Project 365. Now there's something else. I'm not making excuses for myself here, but then it is kinda hard to remember to take photos when you're half asleep most of the time. >< So yea, my photos end up being pretty crap.

I'm excited for Saturday! Going to make a stop motion movie of the sunset. Basically I set up my tripod in the late afternoon, and take a photo every 30 seconds or one minute. Which reminds me. Gotta check how big my memory card is. It'll be pretty poo if it runs out halfway. *sad face*

Look at me rambling on and on. I guess I do have things to say when I really put my mind to it. :)