Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I went to a Malaysia 'Adventure Tour' with my family for a few days last week. It was actually alot of fun. Basically, we had a few destinations in mind and we just cruised around, dropping off occasionally to take a closer look at any place that looks interesting. There is ultimate comfort, and you get to see alot. Plus, you can sleep if you ever feel kinda tired. ^_^ Ain't it the best? Here are three of my favourite pictures from that trip. Brought my Nikon D5000 along and I was so happy. I have learnt quite alot about my camera. D5000 and I have really bonded during the time we spent together. Yepz. We're best buds now.
(Above picture) I love that picure. It just really...makes you think.

(Above picture) FLUFFIIIEEES!!

(Above picture) Saw the sunrise on the first morning. As amazing as the sunrise it, I was too lazy to get out of the hotel room. So I took this with my camera on full zoom from the balcony ^^

This is turning into a photo blog. Like Ryan's. And I have noticed that no one really tags me now ><

Ah well it doesn't matter cos I am just keeping this blog for kicks and giggles. ^^ It'll be fun a few years from now to read and laugh at myself.


That is all.

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