Saturday, November 29, 2008

White Lies?

Well everyone, I have news for you. I....

Have changed.

Big news. Everyone changes everyday. Your skin cells shed off, you lose a few milligrams that no one notices, etc. But this is a big change! And I've only recently noticed it. Like last week. And as most of you can tell from the title, it's about lying.

Yes, lying. I mean as most people would know by now, ('cos I wouldn't stop going on about it), I'm from Singapore and moved here last year. With great moves comes great changes I tell you, I s*** you not. First up, I've more or less stopped swearing. Now I only swear in extreme moods of anger, annoyance, and pain. Which is not very often.

Second up, my temper has kind of fizzed out? But really, I lose my temper less often I find. Or I lose my temper whenever there is something that is annoying me and is still there grating on my nerves. Like nails on a chalkboard. Ugh.

Something you shouldn't see on tv now, not with the recession.

Last but not least, it's lying. Not lying down on the bed. No no, I like lying down on the bed, especially when it's to sleep. I mean lying to people. Opposite of truth. Whenever I was in Singapore, before I came over, I wouldn't have minded lying to anyone (sorry Mommy). I could tell a lie straight into anyone's face and feel a slight twinge of conscience which is quickly smothered. But then I have now come to appreciate all the I have, and I have come to completely trust everyone and have gotten used to the complete trust people have in me in return.

Quite literally, I find it incapable to lie. Told a lie on Saturday, and it's still torturing me. Told another lie of the same sort today, and I'm at breaking point. Seriously, blubbering pile of tears. In simple terms, it can be solved by telling the truth right?


'Cos I've already made a pact with someone to not tell anyone else. I can keep a secret. Ask my friends. But whenever someone says something along the lines of "So hey, what is xxxxxx doing now?" And I have to lie, I feel so bad protecting that person.

From now on, actually, from a few weeks (days?) ago, I have decided to be the best person I can be. No lying, an occasional drink, definitely no drunken dancing, no smoking, (trying to) not swear. The works. Because when I die, I want to be able to know that I have died making something of myself, even though it probably wouldn't be visible to anyone else.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Talk about School

Today I went into school even though I didn't have any exams. Why?
For him. So that he wouldn't feel lonely while waiting for his exam to come on.

And also because Jordan's going into school for his exam too and it'll be convenient to get a lift down to school, study/sleep/talk in the common room, then get another lift home. How handy. Hee hee.

Cat's got to be fed soon. Cooking for just the two of us and doing the laundry and all isn't too much hassle. Just gets a little tiring sometimes. Now whenever I go to bed, I either conk out immediately, or just lie awake for ages because of the sheer amount of things going through my head. But surprisingly, I just keep going and going and going.

Good for me! Now I will have more energy to do even more housework. Quite surprisingly, this feels like playing house when I was young. Only in real time, doing real things. Remember that game? Where you may have fought with your friend over who is to be the man or the woman and no one wants to be the man? Where you sit and pretend to cook coloured paper and lovingly feed it to your 'husband' or anyone who is willing to entertain you and pretend to 'eat' it.

Yea, that one.

Ahh, good times.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Phone Is Back!

Yay yay yay yay yay! My phone is back and working again! Yes, while everyone else is quite obliviously going through their lives I've been trying to dry out my phone with the battery and sim card out, and a packet of desiccant sitting on top of it. All the while, trying to turn it on everyday when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed at night.

I was such a nervous wreck without my phone. It feels like you're going out without any clothes on at all. And over here, you'd quite literally die from the cold if you do that. Yes! Phone is back, and me and Jordan have settled into a routine of sorts as to the cooking and everything. Which is good. So glad that I know I can cook to feed people when I have to. It is a lot more nerve wrecking to feed other people especially when you have such low standards of food as me. I enjoy good food but I can quite easily munch on a piece of dry toast and like it too. So yes. My standard is so low, a baby can crawl over it.

Exams are coming up! But I'm starting to be sucked in by the television. Without a doubt, Friends and Scrubs are my favourite sitcoms of all time. Classic. They are probably the only sitcoms that make me laugh out loud. And the characters are so lovable!

Now off to read manga comics before feeding the cats. ^___^ So glad my phone is back.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Still Not Fixed

My phone still isn't working! Sadness.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Poor Phone!

My poor phone accidentally fell into the toilet bowl today! What a waste! And I didn't really know what to do, so being the idiot that I am, I turned it on and off lots of times. Then put it in rice. I only did it because someone on the internet said it'll work quickly when you put it in rice. But it was there for a few hours charging and still didn't work. Then I checked again on the internet and found I shouldn't be turning it off and on, or charging it.

I sure hope that now, with the battery and sim card lying out on the towel works. Don't see another new phone coming my way.


Auntie Carol and Uncle Paul are in Singapore now and will be there for another few weeks. Which means, the cooking and cleaning and watching over cats and fish will fall onto me and Jordan's shoulders. Which is good in a sense 'cos it means we can learn how to deal with the 'real independent world'. But also bad because I'm not much of a stickler for responsibility.

Made my first meal last night and I was soo disappointed in it. Completely messed up the 'curry' which later just turned into some meat and vegetables in gravy. Well, it didn't taste all that bad, just, I would have liked it to be a success. Too little curry paste and too much water would be the problem. It's starting to get really cold now. I think I'll get Jordan to light the fire. And get dinner. Rice was put on more than an hour ago. Oops. Oh! And if Auntie Carol or Uncle Paul read this, have a great time alright? And we're doing well. Miss having meals cooked for us and calculating when to use the meats and stuff around the expiry date is really hard. Much harder than I thought.

Guess you have to be pretty smart to be a home maker after all! Go women!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nick's Party

Can't believe I haven't blogged for more than a week. Here is a quick summary of what happened in the past week:

Had my HPV vaccination on Wednesday. That is, a vaccination against HPV which is a virus known to cause cervical cancer. Apparently your chances are reduced by as high as 70% if you get it. On the downside, it hurts so much and you have to get three of them. Each rumored to be worse than the previous one. Mine is still a little bit bruised and hurts whenever I hit something by accident. Oh, and there isn't any known long-term effects 'cos it's a new vaccination so I would know if anything weird happens to me in a few years time. To find out more you can go here.

Had a huge (one-sided) debate with two of Jordan's friends. It all started whenever I said "I think PCs are better than Macs." And Mark (one of them) went "What?? Daniel! (another one of them) We gotta gang up!" And well, it's a start of the epic debate of PCs against Macs. So far, all I know against Macs is that MSN Messenger doesn't run the same on a Mac. And you can't play an awful lot of games on a Mac. But Macs don't get viruses and you can download Microsoft Office and things on it too. Gotta do some serious research. If not, how am I going to defend PCs!!??

Headed down to Nick's party and to sum it all up:
1) Went over, and mingled around for a little.
2) Ryan arrives! (late)
3) Listened to Proud Deering. They were playing life at the party for a while and then a DJ came on. Check them out here.
4) Had lots of plain coke.
5) Sipped some of Claire's coke with vodka.
6) Sipped more of Claire's coke with vodka.
7) Found out that pumping music is good to dance to.
8) Danced a little.
9) Sugar and caffeine rush kicks in, got into the mood, danced a little more enthusiastically.
10) Had some pear cider.
11) Danced even more, got tired. At around 11.30pm.
13) Left at 12am because me and Samantha are sharing a taxi home.
13) Reached home at about 12.30?

All in all it was so much fun what with lots of people. No, I wasn't drunk. Me drinking isn't wanting to get drunk as such, I just like the feeling of alcohol warming up your insides. I'm not really an alcoholic. *looks at the bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand and quickly hides it* Haha, only joking. Wouldn't want to be drunk anyway, what be being in a cab. Cabs aren't even all that safe nowadays. That was the most amount of drink I ever had in my life. Not really the life style for me.

It's getting so cold now and I attended the Remembrance Day service this morning. Was pretty good, just can't hear what the people were saying. I was wearing a poppy! *pride* It looks just like the one above. So cold! The winter is upon us! My fingers are quite numb as I now type out these words. Cold and darkness is depressing. Give me sunshine and warmth anytime.

Randomly, my feet feel really sticky and it's so uncomfortable! Can't wait to get my shower.

Now! Try to finish my Health and Social Care homework on Chlamydia and Asthma. :(

Ending with a quote from the birthday boy:

"Seventy people are going to my party, and each of them said 'Here Nick, I'm going to buy you a drink.' That makes seventy drinks! My liver is just going to crawl away and die!"-Nick Dornan (Oh Nick, I didn't get you a drink! So that's sixty nine drinks! :P)

Sunday, November 02, 2008


I decided to do some housework on Wednesday before Ryan arrives and found out that:

trying to change bedsheets+hoovering the floor+two cats on the bed=two annoyed cats.

Yepz. But in spite of me lifting them off my bed so I could have fur-free bedsheets, they still lounge on my bed any chance they have. Look at the stubborn-ness here:This is Missy on the lower end of the bed. After I tried moving the bedsheets around, she still wouldn't budge. So,I covered her with the duvet. And she still didn't budge. She is one stubborn kitty. She moved when I took the duvet off her though.

Sonny, on the other hand, is more easily spooked so he ran off the moment he noticed me towering over him. He always lounges in the same spot on my bed. There:I changed my bedsheets on Wednesday, it's Saturday today and there is already cat hair covering it. Got to hoover my bedsheets or I'll be up sneezing all night.

It was Halloween yesterday and it was so much fun! Helped Auntie Carol cook up this big big dinner for Nanny and the aunts coming in. We had pumpkin soup, apple crumble, roast chicken, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, and steamed veggies. All home made. There was some money in the apple crumble and I got 10p! Not a lot but still, it was fun. And yes! We carved a pumpkin! Look! I drew his face. ^___^ Ladies and gentlemen, meet Percy Pumpkin.This is the first ever Halloween I ever celebrated. Teehee. It was pretty fun.