Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Auntie Carol and Uncle Paul are in Singapore now and will be there for another few weeks. Which means, the cooking and cleaning and watching over cats and fish will fall onto me and Jordan's shoulders. Which is good in a sense 'cos it means we can learn how to deal with the 'real independent world'. But also bad because I'm not much of a stickler for responsibility.

Made my first meal last night and I was soo disappointed in it. Completely messed up the 'curry' which later just turned into some meat and vegetables in gravy. Well, it didn't taste all that bad, just, I would have liked it to be a success. Too little curry paste and too much water would be the problem. It's starting to get really cold now. I think I'll get Jordan to light the fire. And get dinner. Rice was put on more than an hour ago. Oops. Oh! And if Auntie Carol or Uncle Paul read this, have a great time alright? And we're doing well. Miss having meals cooked for us and calculating when to use the meats and stuff around the expiry date is really hard. Much harder than I thought.

Guess you have to be pretty smart to be a home maker after all! Go women!

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