Sunday, November 09, 2008

Nick's Party

Can't believe I haven't blogged for more than a week. Here is a quick summary of what happened in the past week:

Had my HPV vaccination on Wednesday. That is, a vaccination against HPV which is a virus known to cause cervical cancer. Apparently your chances are reduced by as high as 70% if you get it. On the downside, it hurts so much and you have to get three of them. Each rumored to be worse than the previous one. Mine is still a little bit bruised and hurts whenever I hit something by accident. Oh, and there isn't any known long-term effects 'cos it's a new vaccination so I would know if anything weird happens to me in a few years time. To find out more you can go here.

Had a huge (one-sided) debate with two of Jordan's friends. It all started whenever I said "I think PCs are better than Macs." And Mark (one of them) went "What?? Daniel! (another one of them) We gotta gang up!" And well, it's a start of the epic debate of PCs against Macs. So far, all I know against Macs is that MSN Messenger doesn't run the same on a Mac. And you can't play an awful lot of games on a Mac. But Macs don't get viruses and you can download Microsoft Office and things on it too. Gotta do some serious research. If not, how am I going to defend PCs!!??

Headed down to Nick's party and to sum it all up:
1) Went over, and mingled around for a little.
2) Ryan arrives! (late)
3) Listened to Proud Deering. They were playing life at the party for a while and then a DJ came on. Check them out here.
4) Had lots of plain coke.
5) Sipped some of Claire's coke with vodka.
6) Sipped more of Claire's coke with vodka.
7) Found out that pumping music is good to dance to.
8) Danced a little.
9) Sugar and caffeine rush kicks in, got into the mood, danced a little more enthusiastically.
10) Had some pear cider.
11) Danced even more, got tired. At around 11.30pm.
13) Left at 12am because me and Samantha are sharing a taxi home.
13) Reached home at about 12.30?

All in all it was so much fun what with lots of people. No, I wasn't drunk. Me drinking isn't wanting to get drunk as such, I just like the feeling of alcohol warming up your insides. I'm not really an alcoholic. *looks at the bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand and quickly hides it* Haha, only joking. Wouldn't want to be drunk anyway, what be being in a cab. Cabs aren't even all that safe nowadays. That was the most amount of drink I ever had in my life. Not really the life style for me.

It's getting so cold now and I attended the Remembrance Day service this morning. Was pretty good, just can't hear what the people were saying. I was wearing a poppy! *pride* It looks just like the one above. So cold! The winter is upon us! My fingers are quite numb as I now type out these words. Cold and darkness is depressing. Give me sunshine and warmth anytime.

Randomly, my feet feel really sticky and it's so uncomfortable! Can't wait to get my shower.

Now! Try to finish my Health and Social Care homework on Chlamydia and Asthma. :(

Ending with a quote from the birthday boy:

"Seventy people are going to my party, and each of them said 'Here Nick, I'm going to buy you a drink.' That makes seventy drinks! My liver is just going to crawl away and die!"-Nick Dornan (Oh Nick, I didn't get you a drink! So that's sixty nine drinks! :P)

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