Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Talk about School

Today I went into school even though I didn't have any exams. Why?
For him. So that he wouldn't feel lonely while waiting for his exam to come on.

And also because Jordan's going into school for his exam too and it'll be convenient to get a lift down to school, study/sleep/talk in the common room, then get another lift home. How handy. Hee hee.

Cat's got to be fed soon. Cooking for just the two of us and doing the laundry and all isn't too much hassle. Just gets a little tiring sometimes. Now whenever I go to bed, I either conk out immediately, or just lie awake for ages because of the sheer amount of things going through my head. But surprisingly, I just keep going and going and going.

Good for me! Now I will have more energy to do even more housework. Quite surprisingly, this feels like playing house when I was young. Only in real time, doing real things. Remember that game? Where you may have fought with your friend over who is to be the man or the woman and no one wants to be the man? Where you sit and pretend to cook coloured paper and lovingly feed it to your 'husband' or anyone who is willing to entertain you and pretend to 'eat' it.

Yea, that one.

Ahh, good times.


  1. I feel like I'm playing house too! I can't figure out why anyone would trust an 8 year old with three real babies and a house to take care of. Don't they know I have absolutely no idea how to do any of this?

  2. Actually I have four babies. See? No idea what I'm doing.