Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Poop Scooping

Since I came here, I've always been the one to poop scoop whenever I go walking the dog with Jordan. I absolutely hate it. Not because of the smell, possibly not even because of the degrading feeling you get whenever you find that you have to pick up someone else's remains after them. It's because to me, it symbolizes the simple and age-old fact that women are always looked at to pick at and clean up someone else's mess.

Whenever males get into the shit, us wonderful females will be left behind to clean up the dreadful mess. So why exactly is it that males who are supposedly 'better' and 'stronger', not do ALL of the housework? Why leave the 'ladies' jobs such as cooking and cleaning and washing to the women? If you're that strong, do it yourself, I say. But unfortunately, leaving females at home to do the cleaning and cooking has become a habit. Even a few 'modern' males expect the female to do all of the housework at home, and in modern day shows, a stereotypically 'perfect' family would consist of:

1) a hardworking, money-earning family man
2) a hardworking, cooking, cleaning, baby-carer and producer (aka, dutiful wife)
3) two children or more. more often than not, children will have both boys and girls

Is this bad or is this bad?

Readers: *chorus* BAAAAADDDD!!!!

Here is the visual evidence (key "perfect family" into Google Images):I think we better plasticize ourselves and just turn into little dolls.I suppose females are more likely to look after and nurture those around us because we are born to do so. We are born to care more about the people around us, and to have closer relationships with other people. Want some real life evidence? Look at those little children around you. First, look at the girls.

Little girls are most likely to form more tight-knit groups, with relatively few people. They also tend to talk more about their problems, and from this, grow much much more emotionally knowledgeable than the boys. More often than not, you see girls crying. Not because they are weak, but because they have more sensitive souls. I am speaking generally here. Nature of each and every female will depend on her genetic make up as well as her upbringing.

Little boys, on the other hand are most likely to form larger groups. Relationships will be mostly competitive and they do not tend to bind that closely emotionally with each other. This could most often result in poor knowledge of the control of emotional feelings. Male suicide rates in teenage years here in the UK are higher than that of the females. That's because they do not want to look 'weak' in front of their friends by having problems and they keep all of the emotional turmoil in them. Resulting in a rather traumatizing climax and emotional meltdown (suicide).

God is fair, (I feel anyway). He gave males the brawn, but he gives the females more emotional tact and loving capacity. Yay!

P.S. : I'm not taking a dig at anyone. Just getting it out of my system. ^_^

"To be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man."- Golda Meir (born Golda Mabovitch, known as Golda Myerson. 4th prime minister and founder of the State of Israel)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Revision Days

Ryan came over to my house for English revision on Monday and Tuesday. It was really fun! And we took lots and lots of photos. During those days, I also bought some Very Special Cards for those whose birthdays are coming up in my family in Singapore. :)

So to start off, I will have photos of myself with face warps on:
headless meme when I saw someone who looks EXACTLY like me
Then me with special effects on:Then just me:Then there is Ryan wearing the tie that I gave him on Valentines Day:Then photos of us together with effects:
Hear No Evil and See No Evilshhhh..Speak No EvilGRRRR!!teehee :Phe looks tired..
Photos of us with face warps:dooby dooby doo~what did you it was?it's a WHAT?AHHHH!!!
Then just photos of us together:"Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up."
-James Arthur Baldwin (American novelist, writer, playwright, poet, essayist and civil rights activist)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just a FIller

You know the way I was going to Riverhouse Residential Home weekly? Well, I have (very sadly) sort of grown out of it. It's not because the old people are horrible, and quite surprisingly, it's also not because of the daily illness and the general oppressiveness you get whenever you walk in. Personally, I find that it helps me to appreciate life and what I have outside the home a lot more.

The main reason I don't want to go is because I feel so useless over there. Mrs Barret praises me in front of people and I feel so awkward because all I really do is just sit there and stare at them, or talk to some of the more friendly old people. I enjoy serving them during meal times and also during tea time. It's just the time between the meals which i find rather unbearable. I sit in the sitting room with whoever is sitting there, and just talk to them. Whenever i watch some of the nurses running about the place, I feel horrible for sitting there. Whether I have made a difference or not, it is hard to tell. The head nurse tells me "Thanks Amber, you've been a great help." but it's really hard to tell if they are saying it out of courtesy, and then muttering "Thank goodness that meddling little Asian is out of the way."

Next is the face of some of the nurses whenever they open the door to let me in. They always look so surprised and even though I know I can't really blame them, it is still a little bit weird to have someone surprised at your coming when you tell them again and again that you are here every Saturday (now every alternate Saturday). One of the head nurses is quite nasty. She expects me to know everything about the home and oh I don't know. It just makes me feel so small. It's like she despises the fact that I'm here without pay and all that I take will be the meals. She probably despises the fact the Mrs Barret has gone to everyone to tell them what a caring girl I am while i cringe in shame because I feel like I haven't done enough.

Which is why i have decided that after the exams, I will go to Riverhouse on Thursday. Why? Because on Thursday, I would be able to do Something Great And Meaningful and not feel so guilty about not doing anything in spite of not being there.

Like clean commodes.What are you laughing at? I quite like cleaning commodes. And they are clean because they clean them every week and I have to clean them quite thoroughly. It's also because I have to go to all the different rooms to make sure that I have cleaned all of the commodes and this gives me lots of chances to talk to the old people that I wouldn't really normally socialize with.

Anyway, English exam went well today. There was one killer question but I just muddled through it like everyone else. Mechanics wasn't too bad. Did two questions which I was struggling with right at the end. Which was pretty good i guess. At least I finished the paper. As in completed it. Throughout that Mechanics paper I was cursing like a sailor because there just wasn't time for me to relax and calm myself before the paper. I was down at Subway trying to get my lunch about 5 min before I was due to assemble outside the examination room. Walked really quickly up to school and ran up to assembly hall. Only ate my Subway after the exam (roast chicken, pepper cheese, olives and pickled chillies). Me and Ryan had the 'Two Can Dine' set where you get these two 6 inch subs with anything you want in it, a cookie/packet of crisps and a bottle/cup of drink. I had my Subway, a chocolate chip cookie (I like cookies ^_^) and a bottle of Coke (which I have yet to finish).

So there you go my dear and avid readers of my blog, these are the rather mundane details of my day and the thoughts i had today.

"There is nothing so easy to learn as experience and nothing so hard to apply."
-Josh Billings (humorist and lecturer, born with the name of Henry Wheeler Shaw)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Speak(Type) Good English

I have made new changes in my blog last night. Can you see what it is?

Look again.

Here's another clue. Look at the "Links" section.

I'll save u from the torture and tell u the answer. I(!) have reverted the whole blog to writing good English again! Note that I am typing in good English. Heehee.

SO! I dont really know what to say now.

I have added a few new links to different blogs. One of them, Home Sanctuary, is actually quite good. It gives you a little task to do everyday like household chores, and clearing out of the wardrobes etc etc. It's actually for women who have children and a home. But since I have a room to myself which I clean and tidy up on my own, keeping up with the little tasks they give each day will give me an incentive to tidy up the little bits which I would never touch on my own. I hoover the floors every week, and change the bedsheets on the average of once a fortnight, and do the occasional bit of dusting but that's about it. I highly recommend this blog for those who own a home. *grins*

And Attack of the Redneck Mommy is really good as well. I really like reading her posts. It might be a bit too vulgar for people but i think her posts are absolutely hilarious. She basically talks about her life, and her kids. But she talks about it in such a way that it makes me laugh so much.

Other than that, I have been inspired to use up every single itty bitty ounce of talent or strength I have in me. Like drawing, writing, playing piano, and I dont know what other talents I have, but if I do find it, I'll put it to good practice.

This post is so 'I' orientated *unsettled that I have become so self-obsessed*

"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me". "
-Erma Bombeck (American humorist and writer of 15 best-selling books)

racial discrimination

myra went to cuboid land by accident yesterday and she experienced racial discrimination for the first time in her short little pyramid life. all the cuboids either looked away from her haughtily or look right AT her haughtily as if she doesnt have the right to be there. and most of the little cuboids stared at her and would have pointed if they had arms. she felt so alone. poor myra. there she is..:went out with ryan yesterday after the last of my computing exam to celebrate the lack of computing for the next few months. lol. it was good fun, we went to rock city diner and watched phantom of the opera(the new movie version) it was the first time i watched the movie all at one go. and it was amazing. andrew lloyd webber is a genius in music.

so anyways, after i took the bus to newcastle in the evening, i was walking home from the bus station and three chavs (people who are unbelievably racist and lvoe to pick fights) were walking towards me and talking and staring. and i was like "they cant be staring at me" and looked behind and when i looked back, the one in the middle had a mocking smile on his face and sounded like he was saying "dont worry we're not staring at u" (i had my music plugged in so i wouldnt be able to hear anything) i know it's a stupid wee incident. but i have countless other incidents where people stare at me unabashedly (so RUDE!) or they just sorta, look haughtily as if to say "u dont belong here"

there is this other incident. i was in a full class during one of my free periods doing computing. and i was surrounded by little kids. and one of them was like shouting to another kid right over me. "pull out a wire from the girl's computer!" (i was using a computer at that time. so were they) and he did that loads of times. and as far as i can see, i was the only girl there. i got madder and madder cos it's as if he expects me to not understand what he was saying (that little *beep*) and eventually, i said really loudly "pull what wire! what wire!" and the guy who he was shouting at to pull out a wire from my computer quite sheepishly said "that one" and pointed to one of the main wires of my computer. the little *beep* just went all haughty on me. oh well.

ryan made me a daisy chain on wednesday :D here it is, all pressed up for me :Pto end on a cheerier note, here are the pics me and ryan and natalie (another girl from my computing class) took on monday (i think) after my 1st computing exam.and here are the pics of just ryan and me :P in common room on the art room during health and social care revision on wednesday. (the day he made me a daisy chain!) ^_^"To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow."
-William Faulkner(American author, regarded as one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, was awarded the 1949 Nobel Prize in Literature)