Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day!

seeing that it's valentine's day, i have made hearts and then took a picture of them. then all the special someones in my life can take a virtual one :D:D

ryan came over to newcastle today. went to riverhouse to visit the old people and then it was good fun. jordan was there too. and we played scrabble with this old lady and then i gave out the hearts for everyone. well, almost everyone. a few didnt want it like. and ryan got pretty pissed off cos this old woman was slagging me off lol. she just said they(the guys) had no business to be there and shook her head vigorously everytime i laughed or agreed with what the other ladies said :P

then we went to a cafe for lunch. i had hot chocolate, and a little bit of this pastry called the fifteen and potato wedges. :D then we walked at the beach and took loads of photos. :Dryan took this photo!! ^heehee there he is... :P (he likes this photo alot)

then we went to nanny's and i took a few photos as well..
him listening to the aunties talking
him lookng gingerly at the cat (he's allergic to cats)

so that's all for today! :D hope everyone has as good a v-day as meee! :D