Saturday, February 09, 2008

happy chinese new year!

since this is only 2 days away from chiense new year, i'm going to do this post in..RED!

ok , as most of u know, i have been on e work placement to a residential home in newcastle. this in case anyone was wondering, i had a great time and the old people and all were really nice to me.

at first i wasnt really used to seeing that many old people about and having to ask them what they want again and again because they cant hear well but it's alright. turns out most of them will be pretty decent people too. and that they have some kind of sense and logic in them. partly because it is a private home and that if any of the residents get any worse, the family will bring them away to a nursing home.

i have come to care and respect them for who they are and leaving them was rather hard. oh well. but since they are like about 10min walking away, i can visit them whenever i want! ^_^ yay! so this is great. celebrated chinese new year yesterday in a way. auntie carol made a big dinner and invited nanny and the aunties over. so it was good fun. trying to finish up the leftovers for lunch was good fun too :D (but we didnt manage to)

sooooooo, v-day is coming up. any plans? i have decided to go to the residential home in the morning from about 9-11+am with jordan and ryan and give out the hearts..i have to make about 26 but i have finished four so far. people from 4E in 2006 will remember that some of u made it using dollar notes. haha. there it is below..

shut up shut up. i know it's not red or pink hearts. but then i havent got enough red or pink paper! i hope multi-coloured ones are ok. should be fine like. yepz yepz. :D

i have just received my form to tell me there is a blood donation thing going on. it's going to happen on the 22nd of febuarary. they also asked me f i would like to donate my bone marrow. and i'm actually thinking about it. will see if it's horribly dangerous 1st.

so that is it for today my dear readers. thankyou for reading my boring boring post :P