Saturday, February 23, 2008

donate blood.

went to donate my blood today. i'm really tired so i shall just show u the photos. this was when i was giving blood. was biting my nails and ryan had to take a photo of it. gave him a dirty look. lol.and then these are taken after my blood is taken. look at the bag full of blood! that's pretty cool. and rather heavy. lol. and this was me applying pressure on my arm. i didnt get a bruise! :D
aaaand. this is what i am basically looking at when i 1st lie down to give blood. and when giving blood. nice? it's not too bad all in all. didnt get to see the needle cos they didnt let me. anyway, my flowers opened up really nicely last night. they actually stood up on their own now. clean broke off today... ¬_¬so it was all good today. :D that's it for now! bye!