Thursday, February 21, 2008

dinner, flowers, and v-day present

like i said, there was this chinese new year dinner on monday. i TRIED to take pictures but jordan had accidentally taken a video earlier and then the photos were all 'sticky' (where the photos wouldnt focus quickly) so in the end i went to settings to change it back to "clip motion". THEN i was able to take sharp photos.

these are the photos i took before i set the focus. (note that the waiter in the second one looks a little like a ghost.)and these are the photos i took AFTER i set the focus. look at the food!! it looks like there is only meat at the top but below actually got alot of things inside. there's broccoli, asparagus, celery, tofu skin, fishball, tofu, broiled pork, and loads of other things. the gravy is not bad also. and check out that size of those prawns!


i really need to keep my stomach in check.yesterday i found out that my flowers have opened up alot more. the smell has sort of faded away a little but then the flowers have opened up so much, the stalk cant take the weight and has bent over! like this:see what i mean? but it's nice :Dguess what ryan got me for valentines day?

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanice? and look at what it can do!cool? ryan was trying to get photos for the thing but he couldnt find photos small enough. so i'm trying to get both my and his photo with our faces int he background. hopefully it'll be small enough. he acutally got me heart earrings too but they are too small to take photos of. (they go out of focus when u finally get close enough to see)

yepz yepz that's all for today. i'm just going through things in a methodical order so i wont miss anything out. :D