Friday, February 22, 2008

work muddled

since i have been working on my CV and work experience report in all of my free time, and my brain has no creativity whatsoever to show you today, i'm going to copy and paste my CV and work experience report here today as a post. :D

this is my CV:

Amber Yam Shu Hao
22 Slievenabrock Ave
Co. Down Northern Ireland
BT33 0HZ

Date of Birth: 1st August 1990


2003-2006 Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)
GCSEs: English A, Additional Mathematics A, Mathematics A*, Physics B, Chemistry C, Combined Humanities B, Chinese A
2006-Present Down High School
(Currently studying) A levels: English, Mathematics, Computing, Health and Social Care

Work History

2006 October-2007 March Full-time shop assistant

Sing Kwang Pte Ltd, Chinatown, Singapore

-demonstrating products to customers

-dealing with enquiries and complains

-handling payments

-displaying stock

2008 Febuarary –Present Volunteer Care assistant

Riverhouse Residential Home, Newcastle

-helping residents from room to room

-serving food and tea

-interacting with the residents

-helping with the cleaning up if needed

-assisting them to change if needed

Hobbies and interests

I am in the school choir and was in a symphonic band in Singapore where we have won silver medals for the few years I have been in there. I enjoy helping people immensely and have been volunteering in Riverhouse Residential home weekly. I was also a student counsellor in one of my previous schools. I have also started donating blood recently.

Referees:(that is for like two teachers but i didnt type it in) -_-''

this is my work experience report:

Work Experience Report

Prior to going on Placement:

I chose this work placement as I wanted to have more of a feel of what qualities I need to have to be able to work in a care environment. Having been in a primary school early years setting in my first work placement for my Health and Social Care subjects, I felt a need to see the contrast between a care setting with older people and a care setting with young children. I was also hoping to gain valuable insight as to how the policies I have learnt in Health and Social Care are put to use. Keeping my career choice as a psychologist in mind, I wanted to test myself to see if I would be able to talk to people of all ages comfortably. Having work placements on both ends of the scale would help me to achieve that.

Due to the research I have carried out, I found out that care assistants in the home have to help the residents whenever they can and at the same time, to uphold the Care Value Base, have to carry out all care tasks with respect for the residents’ privacy and dignity. The residents there have to be allowed maximum choice over their lifestyle and affairs so long as they don’t hurt themselves doing it. They also have to help the residents to exercise their rights as a citizen.

To be able to get a job in this home, having an NVQ Level 2 in Care is desirable. However, having sufficient knowledge about understanding and respecting the needs of older people is essential. Relevant experience is also a bonus. Personal attributes in care will have to have integrity, honesty, patience and an even temperament. Care assistants will also have to be able to exercise appropriate confidentiality. One must also be in good health so that they would not catch anything from the residents easily and have an acceptable appearance for working in the environment so as to not offend the residents. If one is working as a relief care assistant, one must be willing to work additional hours.

In this home, the highest anyone could probably get to is to be the Matron. As there are not many staff there, the positions in the home are few and therefore there would not be a lot of growth in rank if I get in. Care assistants in the home are paid at an hourly rate of £6.10 per hour. I will most likely learn more about how to interact with older people and how to help them uphold their dignity while giving them care. The atmosphere was really relaxed as there is no need to agitate the residents of the home. From my work experience there, I can tell that if a resident wants anything, all they have to do is to go to one of the nurses and it would be done for them in the best possible way.

My self assessment of strengths and areas of improvement match the personal qualities of the job quite well. The only thing I lack will only be the experience which is desirable for the job.

After Work Placement:

In my work placement, I did all of the tasks mentioned above and more. In addition to giving personal care while upholding dignity, I also cleaned and tidied up some of the rooms in the home. Interaction with the staff is good; they treat me as another one of the staff and would answer my questions patiently. I asked them about the good and bad things that come with the job. Most of them would often reply that the worse thing about the job is watching the residents leave the home. However all of them find it rewarding. In this work placement especially, I would have to have reasonably good communication skills as most of the residents in the home are hard of hearing. After a few tries through trial and error, and through help from the other staff, I soon found out how to communicate with them effectively. That is to speak loudly and closer to their ear. This not only helps them to hear you, it also promotes a sense of closeness.

All of the aims which I set out to work placement with were fulfilled. In addition to that, I find it very rewarding to help about in the home. The residents show their appreciation and so do the other staff members. I would like to think that I have brought more personal care into the home because, as a non-staff, I was able to give them my personal time and talk to them. And while doing that, I will be able to help the old people whenever they need to go anywhere and save them from pushing the buzzer for another person to come.

My placement could be made more valuable had I done more of the work the staff would do so that I would be able to experience even more what working there would be like. Then I would have an even more in-depth insight as to what the care assistants have to do. I would also like to have stayed there for a longer period of time.

My next step in my Personal Career Plan would be to try to get a job in my work experience place so that I would gain more experience in communicating with people and reading their body language. This would prove useful when I go to Ulster University to study a course in Psychology. The experience in care work might also be a bonus. After graduating I would try to get another job with a psychologist either as an assistant or a secretary. When I have gained enough insight, I might want to take my Masters before going on to open a clinic of my own.

Amber Yam Shu Hao

yea. so there u go. if u have read all of it. good for u. i think reading it's going to be horribly boring. by the way, in case anyone is wondering, i did not print it out in that colour. just did it in that colour so it's easier for u to differentiate.

anyways, giving blood tomorrow. found out that it's on the 22nd instead of 21st. didnt realise i read the date wrongly some more. ¬_¬

got to go to bed!! soooo tired! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee