Sunday, February 17, 2008

dooby dooby doo

the photo above is leo. nanny's cat. hiiiiiii..there are a few photos i missed in the previous post about v-day. so here they are:
sooooo. those above are the things i got him for v-day. he loves that teddy lol. calls him Tibearius and carries him about in his shirt like that at home :P

went to the old people's home from 9am-2pm today. was really good, though i didnt do much cos there were not many people. so i just sat in the sitting room and watched tv. and then talked to a few of the new residents. and served tea and everything.

one of the nurses there lives really near me. and when we were walking back she invited me into her house to take a look at her poodle. took some but then it's on my phone..sooo yea. cannot put in the com.

i think that's about it for today. yepz yepz. byeeeeeee