Wednesday, October 31, 2007

4th day in s'pore-NEOPRINT!

today was good again! went to mandarin hotel for lunch. and took photos of what i ate. please dont be surprised that i eat so much. met seow peng today and showed her the photos. she was SO jealous! lol. mandarin hotel not bad...just that cooked food is not that good. the variety is not enough. look at the photos for details. jap food is great, seafood is great, dessert is great. but what about the MEAL itself! sakura is still the best :Di am sorry for those whose stomaches turn when they see raw oysters or seafood. but i love them!mmmmmmmmmmmmm...sashimi, sushi and maki...i love jap food. (maki is the square-ish one, sushi is the longish one and sashimi is the raw salmon)the fish! and eggplant. i love fish...raw, steamed, boiled, fried, baked, anyway!raw oysters again... >.<me posing behind my plate full of chocolate :D yay!this is what i had...and i do believe i have just died and gone to heaven while eating it. :Dchocolate fondue. didnt want to dip the whole thing in. just put the food on the plate and drizzled warm chocolate over it..after the meal. uncle paul asked if it's ok to take photos of the buffet. and the person said yes. (and a video) of the buffet table!
this is the dessert tablessssssssss!! so many...i didnt eat from this table, but i think it looks artistic so i just took a photo..this is the video of the choclate fondue in it restaurant!

found something REALLY weird!!! (i did NOT eat it!!)
took a video of the picture of the chicken rice on the wall. ooooh! the chicken rice is SOO good! hope jordan is watching it.

this is the restaurant i ate at. triple three! and it's buffet too! (NOW u know y i ate so much)me: oooh! a full length mirror. quick, take a photo of my whole self. >.<

in the lift going down. look at me!after the lunch, went to meet seowpeng in northpoint. as i mention above. then i accompanied her for lunch. she had laksa...took a photo of it too..haha crazy me.taking a photo of seowpend taking a photo of her laksa!the stairs beside the table me and seowpeng are sitting. looks rather artistic.seowpeng's distorted face through the water bottle! went to the toilet... it's seowpeng's idea...haha, but i must say it's good :) (the photos i mean)this is in another mirror..on the way from the coffee shop to northpoint. it's over the bus interchange. of the buses and stuff.then after that went to develop all the photos in my digital cam and walked around. saw her older sis. there! in yosinoya.and then we played with the cam...i do believe seowpeng was attempting ot hide her pimple... :P(oh no! seowpeng! sorry!!!)this was taken secretly hence, the arm covering her face...she noticed the camera and started posing... :D seowpeng: NO NO dont want already!went to popular and just played around. found LOTS and LOTS of things which i want to buy. but i didnt take photos of those. took these instead. seowpeng's sis came along and she's really great! name:seow wei. she's pretty :D

i'm holding a S$64.10 hedgehog...but it's so cute! (seowpeng...i'm leaving mxt saturday lehx...)yepz yepz, they both like stitch. :D so cute ><and then went to take neoprint...
this is not the actual one...we are just warming up.. :Plet's all ACT CUTE!seowpeng putting in money...the actual neoprint! all of the print-outs..and the two biggest ones.and then go meet my ma..talked about yinghao and about my uni studies. she said i might have to support my sisters throughout their studies after i graduate from uni cos they may have to sell the house to support my studies and then might not have enough left over. so i will have to support my sisters through uni.

then went to buy an epilator! whooppee! :D photo is the night view of my street..
this is me at home...blogging. if u look carefully u can see the 1st photo of my post on the com screen. :) dont u DARE laugh at my pajamas...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

3rd day of s'pore

will start with what i have been up to last night. my mom gave me some eyeshadow. and i tried it on. and (needless to say) i took photos. there is only one but...and it's not very obvious but i like it!then after that had a shower to get off all that make up, and talked to ryan and decided to draw s'pore flags on EVERYONE's whiteboard in my friend's list in bebo. and this is what the com screen looks like! check out all the little s'pore flags ^-^ok, today was REALLY good. went to get my student visa done. so that was one thing out of the way. and went shopping with my mom. bought quite abit of stuff. and ate out too. didnt manage to take photos cos i forgot to bring my camera T-T...haiz...anyway, after shopping down orchard road, went to my little sister's to have lunch then went home to sleep.
after that then i went to northpoint. with baby. (little sis) northpoint is that building ALL the way in the background. the one with a fancy N on it.
and bought these! keychain, the little plushie and the little green piggy keychain. and the white mp4 pouch as well as another one...the two little piggies ^-^ one for me and one for my little sister.and my keychain ^-^ so cute there is one mystery item that i'm NOT going to show u people AT ALL! cos it's gonna be a surprise! (hint:it's something i've always wanted) and my little sister got these~she used the money she got from the aunties from NI. and she enjoyed herself alot! those things below are what made my little sister's day. they are the latest craze in s'pore right now. and are called 'water babies'. i have no idea y, i heard they are actually a kind of fertiliser but according to my sister, they are 'alive' and would apparently 'fall in love' and 'reproduce'. dont have the heart to tell her they are not really. i did try half heartedly to convince her though. she wasnt convinced though.this was when we went to the toilet to put it into water so taht they would expand. look at her smile! awwwww...and the the ones in the bottles are what they look like after they expand. :)made me take a video too. lol. it's in the toilet... -_-'''
and then took the bus home..and on the way...u guessed it! took photos sthis is the video i took as well :) on the way there. with music this time :P
and i came home, and went for dinner. my mom is cooking today ^_^ and look!as usual, little sis took THIS video.
i love udong noodles!! ^_^ (thick korean noodles) havent had it for a long time. prob since last yr. hmm...going out with seow peng. :D photo taking again! and on friday i am going out with zoe, wandin, jodeline and meiyi :D
and i realised that i'm flying off nxt saturday! it's like so fast can? really glad i have taken the opportunity to cherish every moment since i came. spending time with my sisters too. i'm really happy about it. plus made up with my mom. now we actually feel comfortable in each other's presence. and actually talking to each other for the 1st time in AGES! *sigh*
when i came here i thought that i was just going to cry about my sisters. but then now i have realised that i am going to miss everyone. so sad! time will come when it comes.