Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2nd day...

this is supposed to be in the previous post...but it sorta went haywire so i'm just psoting this here...

this is the other vid in my room taken by my little sis. ^-^

and...today was great! went to sunplaza..and had lunch. took photos of my lunch, but when i developed a thick wad of photos from my digital cam...and when i was deleting the photos, i deleted the photos of my lunch!!!! was devastated. but then, i took photos of the photos! hope it helps. :) photos of sunplaza

this is the photo of my lunch! desserts are for four people...not all for myself.then went to the library. took photos of the library too! went to watsons. and bought these!
went to aries, and bought earrings and stuff.went to buy mentos cos of the special request set by a few peoples
went to old chang kee. they sell the BEST deep fired foods around. absolutely the BEST *tummy rumbles* here is a photo. didnt buy anything cos i wasnt hungry at that time and i regret it.
went to 'gift a name' and saw something that relieved my childhood in sceondary school...(straws)

and u are supposed to make it to...this!
and i then went to macdonalds with my sister, and took photos too :) lol she looks so happy ^-^then i proceeded to my little sister's childcare to pick her up. this is wat it looks like.
then i realised that i havent been noticed as much as i have been in NI. so i did THIS to my ears!!i pierced it again, and again, and again...sister took that one above :) (the one who is 14)

and THIS (below) is taken by my little 8-yr-old sister when she is fooling around. :)

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