Sunday, October 07, 2007

shopping in belfast!

went to belfast to shop yesterday with helen, jennifer and sarah patterson. it was great! and i bought loads of stuff. mostly for myself but some of it is the start to christmas shopping and gifts to bring home. :)

first batch of shopping is done in this really punky and rather seedy looking shop called 'fresh garbage'. it's got like loads of clothes with incense and things and belts and fake eyelashes the like. there are alot of punky people and it's rather intimidating. so it actually took me such a long time to get the cashier to notice i have been standing there for ages. and then i got two ear studs. they are SOOOO cool. i'm so sorry for the lousy quality of the pic. but it was the best i can do. :P people, feast ur eyes on my new ear studs!! i've got such a thing for ear things but i hardly ever change them... hmm...maybe i shd make a oint to change my earrings regularly. quote seowpeng. "TADA~~~~"
then i went to schuh. and saw these absolutely great pair of shoes. couldnt take a photo for u people cos helen and jennifer said they tried it once and got into trouble. anyway, it's those kinds with chunky heels and it's black and the heels have piano keys on them. asked sarah patterson how much it probably costs and she went "oh...probably £85 cos it's so big" i can really drop the idea of ever getting those shoes then. :(....

on a brighter note, i got those postcards though. and they're quite good for my wall of photos which i will show u another time. :) here are the postcards..
next batch of shopping is done in thorton's chocolate. the best chocolate u can find anywhere in my opinion. bought stuff to bring home for my lovely sisters waiting at home. yinghao, i know u r reading this, now u have something to look forward to! and feast ur eyes on. pass the word to baby too. she'll like it. the box is halloween chocolates and the little packets are like just coholate bars. can u believe it actually costs like $10+ sing dollars jsut to get those? but it's worth it cos they're sooo good.

next, went to the body shop. and then helen and jennifer went to try on this shimmer lotion and helen had to get me to buy her shwoer puff for her cos she's worried the person would know they played with the stuff. but walking around smelling like berries doesnt exactly hide it. lol jsut joking. then we went to the perfume section. once i read about eau de toilette being stronger than perfume and body mists-i didnt belive it. so i spritz some vanilla eau de toilette on myself but it was rather hastily spirtzed and i got it on my left arm. it was jsut one spritz but i was smelling vanilla wherever i went. it wasnt until i got to the car after i left jennifer and helen did i realise it was from me. i thought it was from them! so, true. eau de toilette is stronger than perfume and body mists. body mists are useless i can safely tell u that. if u want a long-lasting scent. ditch all ur body mists. cos once i had it and no matter how many times i sprayed it on myself, it disappeared after 15 min.

right. so after the body shop, we went to 'accesorise' to buy the mittens aka hobo gloves sarah patterson has. (she left after thortons chocolate) anway, i bought black mitts and then a whole series of bangles which i think are rather cool. they jingle wherever u go. :) and then this froggy novelty stapler for auntie ally for christmas. so that's the first bit of christams shopping.
i love the bags from 'accesorise' they've got this really nice "A" on it and it's blue. ...... -_-''this is wat my hand looks like with the bangles on. i'm wearing them now and they jingle every now and again. heehee
last but not least, this bit of shopping is really wat put a smile on my face and cemented my thinking of that day being the perfect day. when uncle paul came to get me, i needed to go to the toilets and then he said he would wait for me. i went in, came out and he wasnt there. so i sneaked into superdrug and bought something that has been on my mind for days and days and yes, throughout the whole shopping trip. let u have a guess, it's small, it's insignificant. it's.....mascara and eyeliner! yes yes! my very first pieces of eye makeup. and they are shown here! TADA~~~~~(i know it doesnt look very impressive but trust me, they are)
so after that, i went up to uncle paul when he was waiting for me. (he didnt see me. ^_^) then we got into the car and went tp B&Q to get some gardening equipment. then went we got out to get into the car, we saw this magical view. (ok, maybe not that magical) but it does seem rather special...behold, the FERRIS WHEEL!!
so....we went into the funfair (£1 per head).. and uncle bought this lottery thing and won a big floppy-eared rabbit for auntie carol (awwww). then he tried to get me to sit in front of this HUGE gorilla robot thingy to take a photo. and it was scary and i hate to have my back turned to such a monstrosity. but in the end. i didnt have to do that. :) so, instead of taking a photo of me with the gorilla to prove i was there, my uncle took....this!
yepz yepz. me with a funfair in the background. lol. by that time it was still like 8pm so uncle paul said to watch a movie. watched 'the kindom'. movie poster below...
it's about the terrorists bombing and stuff like that. at first i thought it's going to be a really biased movie. and it's going to go "oh, the islams are horrible, they are ALL horrible, they kill and kill and kill" but it's not that. they show stuff on both sides of the story and for the people who do not have an inkling why the saudi arabians are doing that, they show the history of the relationship arab has with amercia.

and then there were scenes where they show the good arabians praying and then others where they show them with their families and stuff. and i was like "awwww", this is to show that behind those facades of hard training, they are humans, with families. who love and care, who hurt and cry.

the ending was a little sad though. there was this one where this guy asked him boss wat did he whisper to the woman to comfort her about the friend's death(american side), and then this arabian girl asked her little sister wat did her grandfather whipser to her when he died(arabian side). and they both said:"dont worry, we'll kill them, we'll kill them all."

ok, it's actually like that:
american: dont worry, we'll have our revenge, we'll kill them all.
arabian:do not fear, my child, we'll kill them, we'll kill them all.

yepz yepz, so yesterday is one really good day and today too. heeheebut i wont talk about today, it's like all sundays anyway, church, lunch and computer. nothing can beat this. *sigh*. oh, and i know when i'm going to s'pore already. it's from the 27th october to the 11th november. and i'm thinking of gathering a huge group of friends to go out to vivo city or something. people, just e-mail me ur preferred dates or something. and preferreed venue. those hu dunno my e-mail, here it is: ok, and er....there WAS something i wanted to say.

erm...yes! those who have gone up to here i really congratulate u. cos this is one hell of a post. it's soooooo long. probably my longest yet. yepz. so thx for reading and pls tag before u go. thanks! bye

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