Wednesday, October 03, 2007


for those in s'pore maybe u will remember those days when we would run ard laughing at "cuckoo bird" (male genitials). i was on the bus this morning and i suddenly rememebred this girl in my neighbourhood who came from america. and there was this point in time when me and my sisters would go visit her every weekend to see her and her poodles. well then they're neutered, or spayed, whatever it was for female dogs for them to not have pups...

so anyway, i remembered this time when me and my sisters were sitting on that girl's nice big squishy sofas with her dogs rolling around on our laps and my little sister (then probably about 6/7) playing with them. then one of the dogs rolled over exposed her....erm....*squirms with embarassment* bum.

there was an embarassed silence on my little sister's part. poor thing didnt know wat to say. then she gave an abashed laugh and went "i can see her 'cuckoo bird'..." and THEN there was embarassed silence on my part as that girl looked at me for a translation. and i didnt know wat to say. the more anatomically knowledgable me knew that it wasnt REALLY a make genitia.l it was just her clitoris....and i just didnt know how to explain. eventually i just said "oh it's nothing" and went on playing with the poodles.

ah well. now nobody our age laughs at 'cuckoo bird' anymore cos we know very well it literally means a bird which says cuckoo. and somehow, it's for the worse cos the word to describe male genitials have just increased and somehow makes it much worse.

i'm not going to say it all out. u probably know wat they are. and i'm so sorry about the post on jordan. i'm not really supposed to complain about him. i just wrote it when i was cross. just dont take that seriously. bye

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