Saturday, October 20, 2007

101th post!

this is my 101th post everyone! proud! *applause* quite happy today though it started a little lousily to be honest. everything was fine like. but at lunch just felt a little lonely cos everyone had gone off and no one told i ate alone in the old common room. sat down so no one will see me. but someone did come. dont know if it's a boy or girl. but i think they were intimidated by me being alone there.

after that was in a rather foul mood. but i finished my computing before class was over. :) and when i came back, i have a HUGE parcel waiting for me. with all my things from s'pore shipped to me!!!! yay! and i have my class photos and things. happy. cant wait for monday when i bring it to school and say "this is my school!!! these are my classmates!!!!" absolutely love it. also might be able to go with christine out shopping tomorrow. wouldnt buy much, cos i havent got alot of money left. but would be good fun. darn....blogger wouldnt let me upload my photos. on my 101th post!

great great great.... :( so bored....lalalala. oh yes! got my earrings and necklace and all my old clothes feels quite nice to have my clothes here. :) except i have no place to put it in. need another empty drawer....ah some homework to do but cant be bothered. i would finish it in the weekend. ok! i think that's about it. sorry about the lack of photos. will have a few tomorrow. yay! byes!

PS: i know this is irrelevant but i cant resist. my earrings match my T-shirt! (yellow)

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