Friday, October 05, 2007

reminiscing again!

just came back from talking to auntie carol about things to do and bring from s'pore. so here is a list!

to bring from northern ireland:
1) joint pills for daddy
2) christmas candy for baby and yinghao (they are so cute and small! ><)
3) chewing gum for everyone! (the good kind)
4) oh yes! there are like shaped pasta which are really funny. will get some for the kids. just for a laugh.
5) and...wat else...i dont think there is anymore

to bring from s'pore
1) yeo's soyabean milk and grass jelly
2) my wallet
3) CDs!!!!
4) gatorade
5) my old camera
6) coloured permanent markers
7) colour pens.
8) i dont think there is anything else...

yepz yepz, so i'm going to be busy busy busy! and i hope things get better...yepz and hope can meet all my friends! yay!

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