Friday, October 12, 2007

achy day

today was good yea. but had a rather achy tummy and shoulders and neck. and dropped my ground sheet today on the way to computing. couldnt pick it up cos my fingers would get trampled on.

anyway, t0day looking after little kiddies is so good. i was actually sitting on the floor cos i would still tower over them if i sit in one of the little chairs. then this little girl brought a little chair over for me and said "amber this is for u to sit in". that is so cute! and that was like after their science teaching time where they have to bring back their chairs and she just gave me hers. she had her own chair but. thing is right, she told me to sit in a chair beside them.

so, not bad a day, just a little achy here and there so overall it's good. lalala...those are my plants by the way. they're doing so well...*sigh* they grow so fast.

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