Thursday, October 04, 2007

kiddies and teachers

yippee! know where i'm going for my 1st placement for health and social care. i'm going to work like a class assistant for a class of 6-yr-olds. cool cool! and then today i got shouted at by one teacher and almost got my mp4 confiscated.

got shouted at in private study by one teacher cos she had just finished talking about not being allowed to have personal reading during private study cos we have to revise our work. and i wasnt listening and just got a book out and kidan gave her a cheeky smile and opened it. she freaked and went "AMBER WILL YOU OUT YOUR BOOK AWAY AND TAKE OUT A SUBJECT RELATED BOOK!" and i was like "oh no...she's angry". ah well.

then during lunch later i was letting sarah listen to some music cos she said it was ok(cos someone told her it's ok so long as it is'nt a phone). then we walked into the school building cos it was cold and this teacher came up and took my mp4 awaayyyyyyyyyyy!!! and in my brain i was like 'hey! wat r u doing!!!!???? let go of my baby!' and i told him sarah said it was ok and he said well it's not. meanwhile i was sneakily taking my mp4 back and winding up the wires and all nicely. then he went "obviously u're new so u dont know and i'll let u go this time" and i was all phew-y and near cried. that mp4 means loads to me. i paid for it with my own pay!!!

lol really rainy day today and ran in the rain a few times. had dance for games. it was great and actually got abit of a work out. so goodie!! and got my hair spray for nicky's party but i dont know if i shd go as a vampire anymore. i saw like fix-on vampire teeth but i dunno if i got the guts to wear it there. . . . . . .

oh well. will talk to a few people and see. was so excited about that too but dunno about that now. jsut kind lost my guts after looking at them.

sorry for not posting any photos. this thing is just not working....

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