Saturday, October 13, 2007

so bored....

today was good yea. had a test in computing and i think i'm going to fail it.. :( it was so hard and i'm thinking about whether or not i should continue studying computing. i really enjoy programing stuff but then again, i have no computing background and it makes it so hard to catch up with the others.

*sigh*. RS was good today. jordan didnt go to school (had a cold) so sat nxt to ryan and daniel. sitting in between two guys felt weird. but it was ok. talk was about samatarians helpline. might go volunteer when i'm 18 and very very free.

there is nicki's party tomorrow and so i can take loads of photos. show u all my friends in s'pore. really shd be uploading some photos to bebo but i can upload it here for much shorter time so it's all good. made a card for nicki from me and jordan.

since it's a dress up party, me and jordan are going as each other. heehee, wanted to go as an emo just to prove that emos have a good fashion sense. but he insisted on going as me. oh well. i can go out of the house as an emo anytime. i think all the hair-over-your-face thing going on and the all-black theme is so cool.

My Chemical Romance is emo too. and everyone hates them except more me and a select few. i think their songs are so great! it's got an animalistic and somehow 'raw' quality of energy to it. i have like just 6 of their new songs in my mp4 and i can listen to the same 6 songs for days. have been listening to the same 6 songs for like 3 days. lol! i quite like "house of wolves" it's really good. sure i admit the lyrics are rather emo and rather gory. etc. there's a place in the dark/where the animals go/you can take off your skin in the cannibal glow. i admit it. it's rather creepy. but i have always been rather fascinated with like werewolf-ism and vampire-ism. there is this series of books which just somehow glorifies the whole thing. werewolf -ism is "Blood and Chocolate" it's a great book about a girl who is a werewolf and reads a poem about changing from human form to wolf form written by a human boy. she went out with him and then when she shows him who she really is, he runs away. only then did she accept herself for who she is.

the other one is a series of books called "Nightworld" and it's just this whole series of books about either a vampire or a werewolf having a soulmate who is a human being, and how they manage to get together in the end. so great.. that is My Chemical Romance below there. great songs. and i admit their previous songs are crap. maybe that's y no one likes them now.....

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