Tuesday, October 09, 2007

1st day in work placement :)

today is a rather confusing day again. but it's cool! i went for my placemetn for health and social care with the prep 3 class. and they are soooooo nice! at first there was a bit of a mix up cos i forgot to bring my homework diary. and to cut the long sotry short, i ended up wasting almost a whole of my private study period. and when i got in, there is only about like 10 min left. by the time the teacher talked to me and stuff, i sat down, took off my blazer, and as soon as my arms were out of the blazer, the bell rang.

i am not shitting u. it's that coincidential. grand total of "3 seconds on the chair" so ryan says. heehee....so, another mix up. after lunch, i was really going to look after my prep 3s. but they were having PE and i actually went up to this guy teacher and ask "is this the P3s?" and he went "yes" so i sat with them and saw them play through out all the while thinking 'they look too big for prep 3s. and i'm pretty sure there were more girls...' and iw as right, they were P4s and i only found out after they finished. and when they went to their own P4 class. *sigh* but alls good.

eventually found where i was supposed to go and then went into my class. teacher was really really nice. she didnt mind that i was late or even that i missed a period with her class. then after she introduced me to the class, all i could hear were high little voices calling "amber! can u help me with this please!"awwww sooooooo cute! and two little girls gave me wee paper mobile phones... look! heehee. and remember, they're just 6. and i think it's pretty well done. christine came to day and she taught me how to use eyeliner. i fugred how to use mascara yesterday. yepz yepz. just put it on, wait for it to dry, put it on again. makes ur lashes longer. or maybe just stiffer so they stick out. whatever. this is how i look like with eyeliner and mascara on.
lalala. eyeliner does make all the difference doesnt it? u cant really see the mascara cos my eyelashes are just a little too short. ah well. i think i look rather scary in this one. but looks good. i like having my eyes defined like that. jsut have no idea how people back in s'pore are going to take it....
this is missy, she is on the roof. dum de dum...
aha! this is the wall of photos i was telling u about yesterday. yepz yepz. post cards are not there but then this is wat it looks like. when i develop more photos they are just going to spread out on the wall.
and this is ME after school one day taking a picture of my screwed up face in front of the wall of pictures. no make up there.

so.....that's the end of my post for today. byebyeeeeee

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