Sunday, October 28, 2007

"for s'poreans and s'pore residents, welcome home..."

photo above is taken when i was just awake and dressed at like half 4 (in the morning!!!!!). so appreciate it! now in s'pore already, it was ok, didnt vomit on the flight and watched lke 4 movies. watched the simpsons movie, hairspray, evan almighty and this chinese movie called simply actors. all the movies are great. at quite abit more than on other flights too. so it's good. :) ok, the stopover in london was fun. had some food cos i was kinda hungry and then i had hot chocolate, sandwiches and a crossiant. :) they were great. check out wat is in the crossiant. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... and i found out that i unknowingly own a cigarette company! close up... the face behind all those cases of lung cancer. just joking! i'm not really. went into the plane, and this is the view from my window(before take off) ok, so i was talking about the movies. out of the 3, i really have to say that evan almighty was the best, hairspray the 2nd and simpsons the 3rd. it was funny yes, but not laugh out loud funny. now, evan almighty is laugh out loud funny. was giggling away out loud! rather relieved everyone is in their own little world in their movie as well...erm...ok, now back to when i arrive in s'pore. got here and i was quite surprised cos my sisters are starting to keep long hair. and my grandma and grandaunt seem to have shrunk... -_-'' they seem so much smaller! ok, 1st thing that hit me when i reached there is how comfy-warm it is. but then again, it dawned on me that outside would be alot, not good. and, i saw...THIS! and yes! it's inside! didnt see it when i was last cool! oh! also saw...THIS! took a photo cos i think it's so funny. and then when i walked out of the airport, the heat hit me like a physical force. it took my breath away and it took me like a sec or two to get used to the humidity out there. after that i was complaining about tiredness and the stickiness of my body.. :P was rather grouchy too cos i needed my sleep and i was sooooo tired and the heat is just making me really lethargic and sticky. went to my dad's shop. it has changed so much. and he is closing it down really soon. in a way i'm happy cos i used to hate the shop for taking so much of my father's time and letting me and my family not be able to watch chinese new year's countdown in the ever since we got it.(the shop) eventually went home and had a shower. humidity is so high, water just refuse to dry from my body...oh well. no surprise there. and then still grouchy even though i had like a 10 min power nap in the car. my cousin came over and i took lots of photos. there is my room. ahhh...the comfortable messiness of it :P and there my cousins are in my parents' room watching tv. after a while all of the cousins left except for one and we went to the arcade in northpoint, photos of arcade there. i did take photos of the way there and of my house. here they are. arcade was fun. now i think i'm getting addicted to car racing and motorcycle racing..i'm not good at it though, but i still like it. :)and i bought stuff! shopping shopping shopping XD!!! happy with my takings for the day. and i got all of the souveniers for friends in NI. yay! people! u can look forward to it! ok, and...after arcade, went to minitoons. to those in NI, u know fresh garbage? it's like a more cutesy version of fresh garbage. in minitoons, i fell in love with waterbottles. they are so small, so cute, and soooo green! emn....*thinks and tries to say everything in chronological order..* oh yes! a few of my relatives actually said "hey! u have an accent!" and i was like "nonono la...dont have..where got?" (i have since reverted to speaking in mandarin and singlish, however, i find it quite impossible to type in singlish it feels weird) and then when i was getting off the bus, and walking towards my house from the bus stop, i took a video of the walk from the bus stop to my house (ok, just abit of the walk, cos my camera does not ahve enough space :P) and i was talking in it, and i realised i DO have an accent. a slight one, but still an accent.. :( plus i have been unconsciously using big words. and my cousins look at me funny. AND i tend to revert back to english when i'm talking to people. but oh well. it'll pass. picked up the s'pore lingo in a day! keep going "doi!" lol! so here are the photos and videos of my walk to my house. and listen for my accent! i can hear it. i think i sound funny but i'll put it down anyway cos i want everyone to feel what i'm feeling, see wat i see, and experience the joys i'm experiencing here!

when i talk to people from s'pore they say "u are so lucky! u get to see the other side of the world with the seasons and stuff! over here is boring!" and when i talk to peopl from NI they say "u are so lucky! u get to experience hot weather every single say!" and i do truly think i'm lucky. cos now that i've been to both places, i have learnt to appreciate both sides of the world. i now am able to see beauty everywhere i go. like even the trees in the side and the bouganvilla bushes, who would have ever thought that it would bring back so many memories? but it did. even the smell, (yes, there is a kind of smell of s'pore), the smell of the whole s'pore place reminds me of times i have been there. this is a really long post but then again, i have so much to say. so much to share. but there u go, my lengthy post of my experiences. hope u enjoyed it.

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