Sunday, October 21, 2007

church church

went to church today. ok, i go to church every sunday, but i'm not really a christian. just go there cos i have to...-_-''' that sounded mean.

ok anyway, today was harvest service and they decorated the whole church with food. as in honey, apples, pumpkins and leaves, possibly corn. and lots and lots of flowers. it looks really nice. and smells nice too :D

and.....wat else do i have to say? yes yes. the service was quite good. talking about how we have to cherish every moment in life. alright alright. wat the person is actually trying to say is to make time for the impportant things. which is namely, prayer, family and worship. but to me, on a general view, it means to cherish whatecer u have now. emotionally. i truly belive in cherishing the moment. cos i know that at that point of time, it only comes once. let me tell u a story:

once there was a little boy who still doesnt realise the meaning of his birthday. one day, when watching his parents run around trying to make his special day and little extra special, he asked "y are u running ard like that?" to which his parents replied "because it's your birthday darling" and he asked again. "but y do we have to celebrate my birthday?" and his parent said "because it only comes once a year." to their outmost surprise, he said "but doesnt everyday come once a year too?"

i have no idea how the cycle of life works. maybe we might live again, maybe we might not. maybe we live just this once. the memories we carry might be needed to last us for an eternity. all i do know is, u come to the world with nothing, u are alone, and u die alone, with nothing. no one is going to die with u. and u are not about to bring ur car and house and family and wealth with u to wherever u are going to after ur death.

for all i know, we might not even have a soul after we die. maybe we just disppear? or fade into nothingness. this is deep....

so my point being, while u can, enjoy your life. cherish wat u have and live every single moment, milk all u can out of life the right way. do not plan for the future too much. rather, live the moment.

on to lighter and not to thinking thigs. started packing today. so little is packed it's funny.

lol! it's kinda hard packing to go home. *thinks* cos everything is there. shd bring a few shirts and trousers too. :) there, problem solved. heehee byeeee

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