Tuesday, October 23, 2007


today was great! had english, then looked after the kiddies. english was funny. took my time packing up and ryan went "quick! hurry up!" i just took my time and eventually he was the one who was walking behind me. lol!

then after that i had computing. would not elaborate on it. felt a little feverish but i'm ok after taking paracetemol. after that lunch, then kiddies. when i went to the classroom, a few of them were so excited to see me. they just ran up to hug me. it was funny. and i could hear them shouting "AMBER AMBBEEERRRR!!!!!" it was sooo cute. and so funny. but it might be because they know i have brought the stars.

then one of the girls drew a picture for me. that was so sweet of her. damn...the photo is not there. it's ok. doesnt matter, i can see it it's ok already, :P

i guess there is nothing more to elaborate on...hmm....i guess nothing more. oh yes! i like autumn alot. o like the way the leaves turn into a whole riot of colour and the way we have really misty mornings. and then the leaves which fall onto the ground and u was walk through them when they are ankle deep. *sigh* wish people from s'pore are here. u shd really experience it. to kick up the leaves and the hear it rustling around and crunching under ur feet. cornflakes-haters would love it too! cos it's like crushing cornflakes under ur feet. :P

heehee. so for now, autumn will be my fav season. i heard it's more beautiful in spring though. *thinks*

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