Thursday, October 11, 2007

pissy sonny

today wasnt too bad, just that sonny had peed in the bag i brought to school today...and it wasnt good. cos at first i didnt recognise the smell. and the smell just got stronger and stronger as the day heated up. not good.

and to make things worse, my PE shirt had a REALLY strong smell and i had to wear it. told sarah patterson the smell might be cat pee (i didnt know at the time) and she went "lovely" i think she thought i was joking which is all nice and good. u're all probably thinking "how the hell did it get there?!"

well...sonny(the cat) got into my room and when i found out they are out, to prevent them from getting into my room i closed the door without knowing that sonny is already in my room. so, he was closed up for like cant control his bladder, he pees on my bag


anyway, looked after little kiddies today! it was great. just that i was so self conscious of how my smelly bag i didnt get too near the kids. but they're getting used to me. which is really good. two lovely girls came up to me. so cute. heehee

so overall, good day. talked to mrs thorpe too. she was envious about the hot weather in s'pore. so she's really nice. and asked wat i was doing here lol. said she'll definitely be going to s'pore someday.

so, overall, good but stinky day.

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