Saturday, October 06, 2007

freaky friday

my tights have got a hole in them!!!!!! it wasnt actually that bad. it was like 1/4 of that size and each attempt to try to hide it just made it double the size. last attempt brought in the wrath of the dreaded ladders and that's when i decided to stop. lol. how i got it was through the file. i kinda hooked it on my tights by accident and then this long fluffy thread came out. and i asked sarah how to get rid of it. she said to hold on to it and try to break to string. i did, and half of it broke off, of sorts. but left it fluffier than ever. not satisfied, pig headed me decided to give it another try and then the string is gone. yay! but the material held by the string was pulled apart and there was a hole the size of ur big toe tip. yes, not ur fingertip, ur big-toe-tip.

then i got to computing and asked other people wat to do. then stacey said to go to the toilets and pull down my skirt(to make it long) and try to stretch my tights as long as possible to get the hole above the skirt level. but as i pulled and pulled(it has a limit to elasticity u know?), it ripped and left the ladders hanging there. so i left it and felt really embarassed about it. luckily it was liike my last class. eventually right, i figured no one would want to look at my thighs so i walked with my chin up to the bus and walked really quickly too. as a result,

this photo was taken yesterday when i was doing my homework and basically feeling bored, i looked out of the window and saw thousands of flies reflected by the light flying around. it's nice seeing like little tiny specks of light moving about. but then when u realise what it actually is(in this case flies), ur fascination turns to disgust. how like the whole theme of life. things are never wat they seem. a yr ago, i can see my future as clear as day all the way until i die. now i cant see anything in my near future. will i ever have kids before 30? will i find anyone for that matter?

i'm such a sad person. lol :P
louise gave me this link to a cool webbie with like really good photos. this one above took my breath away. now that is wat i call a good photo. i absolutely love sunflowers. maybe nxt yr i'll be able to get a seed and grow a single stalk in my room. that would be soooo cool. even though i have got voilets, a red-leaved plant and a bean growing in my room... hmm...dum de's another flash of my leg!! *everyone runs awaaaay screaming*
wat? there's nothing wrong with it. except it's green and shiny... :S. so, when i got home, had a few minutes of photo taking spree of myslef. and this is my best shot. yippee! enjoy!

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