Sunday, March 30, 2008

dawn service for easter (last sunday)

sooo bored that's y i'm here. haha. anyways, talking about the church service LAST sunday. (yes last sunday) i know it's so long ago but oh well.

anyways, as u can see with the title, it's in the dawn. woke up at about 6am and then had to rush out in 10min. having just got out of bed and just being able to brush my teeth and barely wash my face, i was really grouchy in the car and for the 1st few minutes. and i was really cold too. being dumped out from ur nice warm bed into like 5 degrees is not fun. i know i have my jumper and coat but my boy still havent warm up the air inside. and it was freezing. haha

the breakfast made up for it though, :P it's in some of the photos below. :P

so shant talk much. here are the photos. enjoy!

ok so that's all for today. lalala. getting a LITTLE bit headache :S but it'll pass :P byeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, March 20, 2008

chocolate eggs!

today i was kinda bored. so i decided to break open one of my two chocolate eggs. since it was all hollow i thought i would be able to finish it no problem. but then about a quarter through the egg, i felt a wee bit sick. and less than halfway through the egg, i stopped and completely gave up. just couldnt eat it anymore. haha.

this is what i have left currently:and this is what i still have. plus two other chocolate bars which weigh 250g each! absolutely NO idea how i'm going to finish all of that. hmm..well i guess i can always bring it in to school and try to get other people to eat it up for me. i have significantly reduced my chocolate hoard by giving the b-day girl (last saturday) my whole box of malteasers. i know i have a sweet tooth but this is just a wee bit too much..

all help offered to help eat my chocolate will be greatly appreciated. but then eating my chocoalte comes with a price-u have to fly over to northern ireland to find me. i'll gladly give u my toffees and chocolate. lol

alright then..that's all for todayy.. :D

oh. just for reference, that egg is about. 20cam in height. that's y i have trouble finishing it. :)

Monday, March 17, 2008


today is sunday.

yesterday is saturday.

i went to a party.



it was AMAZING! :D ryan lent me his camera. and i took loads of photos. :D :D :D and the photos look amazing. :D i am officially almost a professional photographer. (haha not really) the photos are still in ryan's memory stick. so i'll get it soon and put a few in my blog. took really good ones of a few people. particularly of their profiles and of them laughing. cos i find everyone looks great when they laugh. (that sounds sooo weird -.-) and profile pictures immediately glamourises a person. (if they've got a nice profile)

soo. i think a few days ago. i was going down for dinner when i saw this!so cute! >.< style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5178465655449964530" border="0">and on friday, went out staying back after school and ryan's got a new laptop with a camera in it and it does face warps as well. this is one of me :P
so me thinks that's all for today. tomorrow's the last day of school before term holidays for easter. i've got two 250g of cadbury chocolate well as two easter eggs. got to take photos and put them on the blog.

holidays should be good. going to go to the residential home more often and i'm thinking of making a wee something for them as well. will put the end result here too. easter should be on a sunday. but because i'll have to go to church and the like, i'll go on a monday..or maybe i'll go on a sunday. i'll think about it. all righties people. here is the end of my blog. :P and i shall bid everyone goodnight because i'm oh-so-tired.


Friday, March 14, 2008

mock interview..

last night i had a mock interview, which was exactly what it sounds like it is. it's an interview, which is fake. and u just go for it and then the person tells u what it is u have to improve on, etc etc. mine went really really well. they were impressed with my paperwork. that is, my work experience report. said it was really detailed and that it was the best among all of the group they interviewed.

and this is the shoes i wore to the interview.with blazer,without blazer.this is what jordan wore to the interview.nxt bit of good news, i got 100% in my maths!! teehee. it's truE! i'm not bluffing u. lol. anyways, one of my friend says that i'm a human calculator. not really..hmm. actually it's cos in s'pore add maths learn before. that's y over here it's just like revision..teehee. this is what she drew. says it's me. -_- that's the person who drew it. (JUDITH!)aaandd nothing else. :P

ok got to go nowww byebyeeeeee

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


today is a rather sad day...this is the day i finally pronounce my earphones dead. they have been serving me for quite some time so i feel that they deserve to have a post all to themselves.

i found out that they were seriously ill when i first saw that the wires are exposed a little. then they started breaking but it didnt affect the sound so some reason so i took no notice. then all the wires broke till there are only a few left holding the earphones together. but then soon the sound in the left ear started going crinkly (u know what i mean. the static?) and then sometimes even cut off altogether. and i realised that the earphones illness has reached a point where there is no return. it will never be fixed again.feeling really fed up that i cant listen to music in peace, i just moved on to my old earphones which didnt work very well. i destroyed them when i blasted them into my ears at full volume cos i was angry at that time. it hasnt worked right ever since but i thought it would be better than earphones which cut off randomly. but their sound quality is absolute rubbish. sounds like someone is recording that song from after and playing it out.

this, is the problematic earphone.and this is their final resting place:the ultimate burial in the big shiny dustbin will be taking place on the 12th of march at 6pm NI time, 2am s'pore time. all visits and donations will be greatly appreciated. proceeds from the donations will be contributing to getting new and better earphones to accompany me on long bus trips or car trips and to give me a better music listening experience. thankyou.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


this is absolutely great. i'm soooooo addicted to smoothE adverts :D


i feel like a hypocrite. lol i eat so much and i complain about being fat. today when i came back from school, i had two bowls of soup and an apple. then i still feel like eating. and so i look about in the cupboard and found a big big packet of titbits. :D and guess how much i took?

this much:and see right, when i got onto the com, i decided to eat more, so i had chocolate. -_-
so sad right? but i dont know y i'm so peckish today. *sigh* feel a little bit bei ai.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

roses and doodles.

yesterday was mother's day and feeling just a TEENY bit guilty, and also because i'm a nice person, (pui! lol) i have decided to make roses for auntie carol, as well as jordan's aunts and nanny. took me about two hours to make all of them cos i just cannot think of how to cover up the base where the wire goes round. and eventually, came up with this:
nice? thought everyone would like it. just ignore the bit where my wrist it. it's just cos my wrist is at a funny angle that's y it looks so fat. -.-

today in school was good. though i have a bit of a depressing start because i woke up to snow and it wasnt that nice of nice thick snow where u can crunch down on it. the snow was like a fine dusting and it melted and all under the afternoon sun and became ice. then when u walk up it's all slippy and scary cos u'd fall anytime if u're not careful. i slipped about twice on the way up to school. not nice not nice.

also, 1st thing in the morning, i ripped my pair of tights. and they were the good ones too. so i had to wear socks and auntie carol lent me a pair of nude tights so that i wouldnt be that cold. can u just imagine how freezing it'll be with just a shirt and cardigan and blazer and a winter coat at the top, but with skirt and tights and socks on ur legs.

in private study today, cos i was so bored and i have done all i can on my coursework without my books, i doodled. :D this is the front page :P
this is the back page
yepz yepz . so that's all for today i think. just had great fun in school. a little tired, but good fun :P:P

Saturday, March 01, 2008


a really really short post for now. above is a picture ryan took with his camera while walking up home from the bus stop yesterday.

time has passed so fast. i'm here for almost a year already. i know it's about 3 months till i've been here a year but still..i've almost gone through a whole school year. *shock*

i'm actually pretty amazed at how time flies. but at the same time it kinda scares me. u know, the way when u try to think about ur life, and try to think about a few significant things that happen every year of your life. and u get a few gaps in between? (well i get the gaps anyway) and what happens is that u go "where on earth did all that time go to??" and it's pretty scary. and being in the old folks home, it really scary and rather sad as well to see people who have lived full lives, and yet, end up the same. some of them would not even remember most of their lives.

soo oh i duno. just a random thought. and u know the life i have now, i would absolutely hate to have it turn into a mere memory i might forget one day. not that i dont want to move on and get back to s'pore. just that it'll be horrible to know that i wouldnt be able to see the people here that often anymore. the worst thing?

is that one day, the friends u have now might not be there with u.

one day, most of the friendships u have now will fade.

one day, you will make new friends and ignore the ones who have weathered the few years with you.

and you wouldnt even notice!

see how scary it is? okok maybe not for a few UNFEELING people. but yea.

just something for you guys to think about for today. just how much of your life's memories will you be able to retain in your mind, and really just how much do u love life? is it enough to appreciate EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of the day??