Saturday, March 01, 2008


a really really short post for now. above is a picture ryan took with his camera while walking up home from the bus stop yesterday.

time has passed so fast. i'm here for almost a year already. i know it's about 3 months till i've been here a year but still..i've almost gone through a whole school year. *shock*

i'm actually pretty amazed at how time flies. but at the same time it kinda scares me. u know, the way when u try to think about ur life, and try to think about a few significant things that happen every year of your life. and u get a few gaps in between? (well i get the gaps anyway) and what happens is that u go "where on earth did all that time go to??" and it's pretty scary. and being in the old folks home, it really scary and rather sad as well to see people who have lived full lives, and yet, end up the same. some of them would not even remember most of their lives.

soo oh i duno. just a random thought. and u know the life i have now, i would absolutely hate to have it turn into a mere memory i might forget one day. not that i dont want to move on and get back to s'pore. just that it'll be horrible to know that i wouldnt be able to see the people here that often anymore. the worst thing?

is that one day, the friends u have now might not be there with u.

one day, most of the friendships u have now will fade.

one day, you will make new friends and ignore the ones who have weathered the few years with you.

and you wouldnt even notice!

see how scary it is? okok maybe not for a few UNFEELING people. but yea.

just something for you guys to think about for today. just how much of your life's memories will you be able to retain in your mind, and really just how much do u love life? is it enough to appreciate EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of the day??