Sunday, March 30, 2008

dawn service for easter (last sunday)

sooo bored that's y i'm here. haha. anyways, talking about the church service LAST sunday. (yes last sunday) i know it's so long ago but oh well.

anyways, as u can see with the title, it's in the dawn. woke up at about 6am and then had to rush out in 10min. having just got out of bed and just being able to brush my teeth and barely wash my face, i was really grouchy in the car and for the 1st few minutes. and i was really cold too. being dumped out from ur nice warm bed into like 5 degrees is not fun. i know i have my jumper and coat but my boy still havent warm up the air inside. and it was freezing. haha

the breakfast made up for it though, :P it's in some of the photos below. :P

so shant talk much. here are the photos. enjoy!

ok so that's all for today. lalala. getting a LITTLE bit headache :S but it'll pass :P byeeeeeeeeee