Friday, March 14, 2008

mock interview..

last night i had a mock interview, which was exactly what it sounds like it is. it's an interview, which is fake. and u just go for it and then the person tells u what it is u have to improve on, etc etc. mine went really really well. they were impressed with my paperwork. that is, my work experience report. said it was really detailed and that it was the best among all of the group they interviewed.

and this is the shoes i wore to the interview.with blazer,without blazer.this is what jordan wore to the interview.nxt bit of good news, i got 100% in my maths!! teehee. it's truE! i'm not bluffing u. lol. anyways, one of my friend says that i'm a human calculator. not really..hmm. actually it's cos in s'pore add maths learn before. that's y over here it's just like revision..teehee. this is what she drew. says it's me. -_- that's the person who drew it. (JUDITH!)aaandd nothing else. :P

ok got to go nowww byebyeeeeee