Tuesday, March 04, 2008

roses and doodles.

yesterday was mother's day and feeling just a TEENY bit guilty, and also because i'm a nice person, (pui! lol) i have decided to make roses for auntie carol, as well as jordan's aunts and nanny. took me about two hours to make all of them cos i just cannot think of how to cover up the base where the wire goes round. and eventually, came up with this:
nice? thought everyone would like it. just ignore the bit where my wrist it. it's just cos my wrist is at a funny angle that's y it looks so fat. -.-

today in school was good. though i have a bit of a depressing start because i woke up to snow and it wasnt that nice of nice thick snow where u can crunch down on it. the snow was like a fine dusting and it melted and all under the afternoon sun and became ice. then when u walk up it's all slippy and scary cos u'd fall anytime if u're not careful. i slipped about twice on the way up to school. not nice not nice.

also, 1st thing in the morning, i ripped my pair of tights. and they were the good ones too. so i had to wear socks and auntie carol lent me a pair of nude tights so that i wouldnt be that cold. can u just imagine how freezing it'll be with just a shirt and cardigan and blazer and a winter coat at the top, but with skirt and tights and socks on ur legs.

in private study today, cos i was so bored and i have done all i can on my coursework without my books, i doodled. :D this is the front page :P
this is the back page
yepz yepz . so that's all for today i think. just had great fun in school. a little tired, but good fun :P:P