Thursday, March 20, 2008

chocolate eggs!

today i was kinda bored. so i decided to break open one of my two chocolate eggs. since it was all hollow i thought i would be able to finish it no problem. but then about a quarter through the egg, i felt a wee bit sick. and less than halfway through the egg, i stopped and completely gave up. just couldnt eat it anymore. haha.

this is what i have left currently:and this is what i still have. plus two other chocolate bars which weigh 250g each! absolutely NO idea how i'm going to finish all of that. hmm..well i guess i can always bring it in to school and try to get other people to eat it up for me. i have significantly reduced my chocolate hoard by giving the b-day girl (last saturday) my whole box of malteasers. i know i have a sweet tooth but this is just a wee bit too much..

all help offered to help eat my chocolate will be greatly appreciated. but then eating my chocoalte comes with a price-u have to fly over to northern ireland to find me. i'll gladly give u my toffees and chocolate. lol

alright then..that's all for todayy.. :D

oh. just for reference, that egg is about. 20cam in height. that's y i have trouble finishing it. :)